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Is the Central Division Really that Good?



Rink Report - brad Burud


Welcome --- First post in a new section that I will be doing weekly this season.  I am Brad Burud the owner of Inside Edge Hockey News.  Many call me the NHL opinionist…. well that is what this section is all about.  I will throw at you my thoughts, opinions, or my gripes every week.  Some are controversial, some are common sense, and some might frustrate you.  I am open to all of your thoughts and comments.  Fire away in the comment section below.  I love talking hockey with fellow hockey fans.


Is it just me or is the Central Division getting way too much hype heading into this season. Really, are they as strong as they used to be… I don’t think so.  Winnipeg, probably the best team in the NHL, and I am not arguing with Nashville either. As for the rest, are they really that good?  Minnesota, well they seem to make the playoffs every year, but this year I think that will end.  Colorado, who knows with this team.  They shocked the hockey world last season but there is lots of questions this year, the first being between the pipes.  St. Louis to me looks like a better team on paper but seem to falter.  I do think they will be good this season.  Dallas, will the real Dallas team please stand up.  Your guess is as good as mine.  They honestly could be a top three team in the league or miss the playoffs (they proved that last year.  Chicago’s golden days are gone..they will be golfing early.


I am tired of the Erik Karlsson saga, how much longer can this go on.  I think we all need to stop talking about this…he is not going to Vancouver (or Canada for that matter).  I think he is only worried about $$$$$, and that bothers me to say that because any interaction I have had with him has been more than positive.  I think Vegas is the frontrunner, but the list of teams lined up is very long.  I think Karlsson will start the year in Ottawa and will be the talk of deadline day.  I also predict that he struggles this year.  Yes – that is bold, considering the fact that I think he is one of the best defensemen in the league.


I have been plugging the Winnipeg Jets for three years now. This team is for real, I honestly feel that they have more top end talent than any other team in the NHL.  I guess The Hockey News thinks so too... four Jets players in the top 50 players list.

            9. Mark Scheifele C

            15. Blake Wheeler RW

            19. Patrik Laine RW

            22. Connor Hellebuyck G

That is some real firepower… big things on the prairie this winter….

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