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The NHL in 10 Years



THE DEBATE – Hockey Podcast | Episode 50

The NHL in 10 Years


Brad Burud and Blake Friars celebrate 50 episodes by diving into the NHL and looking at how the league will change in the next 10 years. They take a look at 10 critical questions that the NHL faces in the next 10 years and how the league will change.
1 – Concussions and Safety of the Game
2- Fighting and Cheap Shots
3- CBA/Revenue/Salary Cap
4- Relocation and Expansion
5- Olympics and International Play
6- Rule Changes
7- Franchise on the rise and falling franchise
8- Technology – How will it change the game.
9- Goal Scoring
10- Growing the game/Youth Hockey
Brad and Blake would like to thank all the listeners for 50 great episodes. We have a lot of fun doing this and we hope that you enjoy the show. Thank you to the Fans!




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My cousin in Canada, who I have not seen in ages once said he did not like the NHL any more because too many teams. Montreal fan of course.  Gee, its not too hard for Montreal to win those Cups without 6 teams?  32 is alot. Look at the AHL now. Unreal.  I guess we have to hope that it stays about what it is now. I do believe Florida Panthers will lose their team for sure. You cant have a building empty every night and survive.  No way.  And that is the case there. Hell, the Dolphins cannot sell out. Nor can Jacksonville.  What is it?  Cant get off the beach?

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