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Sunday Trade Rumors



blog-0264346001327873433.jpgWith the NHL All-Star weekend happening the NHL GM’s are having a little bit of down time to plan out there next big move. But now the GM’s only have a little over a month until that bug busy day. Today I have read and talked to a few people and gathered up a bunch of trade rumors.

  1. The Ottawa Sun has reported that Senators Erik Karlsson’s agent will be talking with Senators GM on possible trades. Ottawa Sun didn’t report much more but I don’t really think that the Sens will give up a key guy on their roster. Only time will tell…

  1. Ottawa Sun has reported not expect New Jersey Devils Zach Parise to be traded by the deadline. He will UFA on July 1st. The Los Angeles Kings do have interest in him and so do the Minnesota Wild expect that they will make a move July 1st.

  1. The Ottawa Sun reports that the Tampa Bay Lighting Dominic Moore is getting a lot of interest and one team with the most interest is the Ottawa Senators.

  1. The Edmonton Journal says that the Blackhawks could have interest in Hurricanes Tim Gleason, as would half a dozen other teams. Also lastly Matheson thinks that Brenden Morrow could be a good fit with the Sharks, Canucks or Red Wings.


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