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blog-0900681001328115475.jpgTwo in a row! First two game winning streak since November 9th! Determination is the word that can best describe this game. Habs took the early 1-0 lead on a mistake by Matt Eliis that let Max Pacioretty walk in alone and bury his own rebound. From that point on it was all Sabres. Price stood on his head until something crazy happened. Ville Leino came to play. How ya doin Leino?....http://video.nhl.com...id=35&id=154067. As NHL.com called it Ville String. Nothing like the toe drag snipe top shelf. I've been waiting for it all year, I hope Ville brings more of that in the second half. He was strong on the boards and refused to give up on any play. Not to mention he was playing on the top line and got tons of minutes in place of the injured Vanek. Ruff better take note of that.

The other player who brought his game and played like a team leader Paul Gaustad. Goose put out a 3 point night including the game winner. He was determined all night as well including blocking and bullet from point blank range as time expired at the end of the 2nd. Without a doubt was a goal saver. Goose out muscled big Hal Gill in front of the net to get the re direct goal to make it 2-1. By the way how is Hal Gill still in this league. If only he couldn't interfere or hold.

Myers and Ehrhoff seemed to be out their the entire game and were they ever lock down! Good tandem for the next 7-10 years. Miller is starting to get into the groove with two solid vezina performances. Brad Boyes showed some grit, along with Stafford.

Tyler Ennis was a huge return for the Sabres. He was dynamite at center, using his speed all over the ice and making 2 key back checks including picking Patches pocket late in the 3rd when he was alone in the slot.

Erik Cole is a beast.

Things got a little chippy at the end of the game. After Kaleta made it 3-1 with his empty netter he did his usual one knee fist pump thing. Montreal took exception to it (maybe they shouldn't have let Kaleta beat them down the ice to an open puck) and Pacioretty fed Gaustad a little "Nice job on Lucic" line. Goose then came back with a little "Where's Chara?" line to Patches. Maybe a little far, but I like it. Pacioretty wants to open his mouth it's game on, I know the guy got hurt, but so did Miller. After the game Darche (really Mathieu Darche?), Price, and Cole let their feelings about Gaustad be known. I found Price's one comment to be rather interesting, "We can't worry about what he says he doesn't do much out there". Oh really? Perhaps Price should watch game film where Gaustad just put up a 3 point night including the game winner. Not a good come back.

On the bad side of things Thomas Vanek left the game with an upper body injury and will be re-evaluated today in Buffalo. He is expected to miss about a week. Also in a odd scratch Luke Adam was sent to the press box. I didn't really understand this move by Ruff, Adam has been struggling, he just went to the all star game and talked to some of the leagues best. Perhaps he gained some confidence, well Ruff ended that with a trip to the press box. I expect Adam to return tonight in the place of Vanek. If they are not going to play Adam send him to Rochester and let him develop. However he showed he could play on a top line in beginning of the season.

This should be Lindy Ruff in the locker room before tonight's game....

Pregame blog to come later.


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