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Will the Avalanche Continue?



That's the questions to be answered by the Hawks tonight who are currently on a five game losing streak and have lost the first three games of the nine game road trip. The Hawks face the Colorado Avalanche who are also on a five game losing streak. Tonight one of these teams breaks their cherry and will get the "W". For the Hawks, Razor will be back in net and I've got to believe the job is now his to lose. At practice yesterday, Coach Q had the lineup blender on "max" and blended the lines quite a bit. I have a feeling that we will see the lines below at puck drop. Q's goal is more offensive production. Q has also blended the second and third lines on D moving Hjalmarsson down and moving Montador up. We'll see how these line changes work out tonight if not does panic set in? Stan mentioned last Friday that the trade wires have been silent has teams are in "wait mode". If the Hawks lose another tonight, that just might be the match-stick needed to light a fire under Stan's a$$ to get something done.

Tonight's Expected Hawks Lineup:


Bolland,-Sharp -Hossa

Morrison-Kruger- Stalberg


*Bruny is a game-time decision and could replace Bicks as center on the 4th line. (He has been out the infamous "upper body injury")


Keith - Seabrook

Leddy - Montador

Hjalmarsson- O'Donnell



Odds and Ends:

- A special thanks goes out to the Yotes who last night beat the Detroit Scum 3-1.

- The Hawks have lost their last seven road games.

- The Hawks been outscored 22-10 in the first three games of the nine game road trip.

Thanks for reading.




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