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Not in Our House



blog-0614058001328762787.jpgBoston the big bully of the Northeast was prepared to come into the First Niagara Ceneter and run the soft Sabres out of the building. Not in Pegula's house! Cody McCormick set the tone 2 minutes in challenging Shawn Thornton to a scrap. The Sabres brought the pressure early. Christian Ehrhoff scored on a goal that I think I could have stopped. Pominville would then score on a beautiful spin o rama pass by Ville Leino. I think Leino has found his linemate in Pominville. Ville has been a new player since the All Star break.

Ennis would use his speed to abuse the Boston defense and chase Rask from the net. Buffalo would add three more on Thomas by Kaleta, Pommer, and Stafford. Patrick Kaleta was vintage Kaleta tonight. He challeneged Lucic to a fight and held his own. Again showing Boston they won't stand for being pushed around. Kaleta would then lay a good lick on Chara, causing Chara to chase down Kaleta and deliver a cheap shot for a penalty. Weber and Thornton would go at late in the 2nd. Then Kaleta would lay a hit on McQuaid and start another scrap. Gaustad let Lucic know during that get together that Lucic would not push his weight around.

The big bad Bruins looked slow and unorganized tonight. Buffalo carried the play and the hitting. Boston had very little chances on Miller until it was 5-0 in the 3rd. Miller is 4-0-1 in his last 5 giving up only 4 goals in those 5 games.

The Sabres may not make the playoffs, however I promise you if they can stay healthy and on this path, one they will make it interesting and two no team in the NHL will want to see them on their schedule.

What's up with Tim Thomas and facebook?


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