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Rumors, Thoughts, and Observations



blog-0183430001328889054.jpgThe past couple days I have noticed a lot of things around the hockey world. A lot of small sometimes unnoticed stories are signs of things to come in my opinion. Before I begin let's all give a stick tap to Mr. Scott Gomez. It was 359 days between goals, Gomez hit twine last night against the Isles. I can finally watch a Sabres vs Habs game not saying to myself "just don't let Gomez score". Thank you Isles!

Ok back to the signs. Over the past week or two a lot of small stories have come out in regards to the trade deadline. In my opinion I think we are in store for the slowest deadline we have seen in years. Sorry TSN. Sure we had the Flames and Habs swap about a month ago. However it has been all quiet. Usually I would say this is the lull before the storm, but I don't think so. Let me give you some back up to my theory. First a couple weeks ago a report come out that the Leafs are likely to stand pat at the deadline. This makes sense to me although it wouldn't be Burke's style. They want a big fish and who is out their to be had? Carter? Not worth what it would cost right now. Parise? Not happening at the deadline NJ needs to make the playoffs and make money. Nash? Would cost to much. Getzlaf? Not going anywhere. Ryan? Unlikely to move as well. Grabovski was rumored to be on the move, but he is red hot. Maybe a small move involving MacArthur, but he has played well as of late (classic streaky MacArthur).

Also the last week has been interesting with reports coming out of Carolina. Anyone who believed the possibility of Staal or Ward moving needs a reality check. Gleason was signed to an extension and removed off the block. Rutherford has claimed he wants to keep Ruutu and sign him. Of course he would say that right? However I don't see what moving Ruutu now gets Carolina, a 2nd-3rd rd pick or B- to C level prospect. I guess maybe Bryan Allen could be had.

The big boys like Philly, NYR, Pens, Wings, Sharks, and Hawks are all looking for depth. Players like Gill, Moen, Blake and Kubina fit this bill. If I'm a team like the Flyers I'll stick with my D instead of throwing a pylon like Gill in. No way Suter or Weber is moving now.

Anaheim has backed off the idea of trading Getzlaf, Ryan, and Perry. Not shocking. Gagner is the hottest player in the NHL and will be an overpay now by any team so he likely to stay. Doan is unlikely to move, Whitney could be a possibility. Semin, come on. Penner, really? Hemsky is over valued by the Oil.

In Buffalo I can't see Roy moving, same with Gaustad. Gaustad has been a force for the Sabres the last few weeks. They will look to resign him. Roy will be an offseason move I believe.

Last in the goaltending field Garth Snow came out and said Nabokov is not on the market. Schneider and Bernier could be had in a big time move, but chances of that are slim. Nittymaki and Sanford could be had though.

Do you agree with my thinking on the deadline?

Pregame blog coming later.


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