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Long Island Ice Tea Anyone



Tonight the Hawks take on the New York Islanders at the Madhouse. A repeat performance of Tuesday night loss to the Yotes and we’ll all be drinking Long Islands.

After a long road trip the Hawks came home and played another emotionless game and the final score reflected it. Just think, it wasn’t that long ago the Hawks had a dominating lead in the Central Division and led the Western Conference. That is no longer the case.

Their lead has all but disappeared and a review of their part of the schedule would demonstrate that the Hawks played an easier schedule in the first quarter of the season. The Hawks are now tied with Detroit and hold an insignificant one-point lead in a very tight division over the Blues. Its time to get serious Hawks has this season is quickly becoming a roller coaster ride that everyone would like to get off.

Back to Tuesday’s game for a second, didn’t it appear that parts of the Circus Trip (Alberta Swing) resurfaced again. Defensive breakdowns, poor decisions with puck, and line changes being made at the wrong time.

But enough of that lets talk tonight. The Islanders come to town and there are a number of things the Hawks need to fix now…

1) Kaner, I am sure in Mite hockey they taught you that when your winger is breaking down the ice with the puck and takes a shot on goal, it would be nice to see you (who is coming into the play from the other wing) stop in FRONT of the net and pick up the damn rebound. STOP skating behind the net. What is there a pretty blonde in the stands behind the net that you are trying to impress?

2) Hawks, when you have the puck, shoot on net. Too many times you are trying to make the pretty play and make another pass or you shoot a high hard wind or over the net.

3) DEFENSE! Need I say more?

4) Crawford, the Crow is in a slump now. He is breaking down and at times scrambling and sliding out to wide or to far in front of the net. Hey Crow, stick with fundamentals, stay square in the paint, get into the butterfly and stop the dang puck.

It’s so difficult to figure out this Hawks team. Mostly because this team is going to look drastically different once the important part of the season kicks in. As I mentioned previously, the Hawks are far too dependent on their top two lines, aren’t getting nearly enough contribution from the bottom two lines, have three top-notch defensemen (Keith, Leddy, Seabrook) and three bottom pairing defensemen (Montador, Hjalmarsson, and you pick Scott or O’Donnell).

With the above said, the Islanders just might be the team the Hawks need right now to once again start another winning streak and to start playing with some piss and vinegar. A Hawk’s loss to the Islander team would be like eating another bite of a $hit sandwich.


Tonight’s Expected lineup:











Odds and Ends:

- Take note of the lineup as Q is juggling the lines again. Of note is Krueger centering the 2nd line. Kaner is back on right wing and Car Bomb is down on the 4th line where he belongs.

-The Islanders have won their last two games on the road.

- The Hawks received a conditional seventh round draft pick from the Senators in the 2013 NHL Entry Draft in exchange for 25-year-old forward Rob Klinkhammer. In his 18 games this season with the AHL’s Rockford Ice Hogs.

Thanks for reading!




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The Kaner experience worked well in the beginning of the season but now is faceoff % is down to around 40. So moving him to wing is ok with me. The Hawks still need another top 6 forward, especially a #2 center.

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