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The fire still burns



blog-0587781001328946983.jpgOver the course of the next few months BrowntoBure will be scouring North America, speaking to a fan from each NHL city to find out the answer to the question that just won't seem to go away.

Why do they hate us?

First up, one of Vancouver's oldest foes, The Calgary Flames.

Today we caught up with Trevor Martins, producer of the Sekeres and Price show. Which airs 10am-2pm, Monday to Friday on the Team1040 in Vancouver.

Here's what he had to say:

So living in Vancouver, how exactly did you become a Calgary Flames fan?

Born and raised in North Vancouver, lived in best city on Earth my whole life. The reason I’m a Flames fan is pretty simple really. I started getting into hockey when I was a young kid, maybe 6-7 years old and at the time, the Flames were a powerhouse and won the cup. My earliest hockey memory was the Flames and Habs in the final. I was 6 years old. I jumped on their bandwagon, not knowing what a bandwagon was and haven’t jumped off since. Been through some tough times being a fan, the 7 years in the late 90’s/early 00’s and quite frankly, it’s a tough time right now. But the peaks and valleys of being a fan are worth it.

Who is your all time favourite Calgary Flame?

All time favourite would have to be Al Macinnis. I loved his big shot. Jarome Iginla is definitely up there as well. Love everything about him, everything he represents, on and off the ice.

What's your first memory of a Flames/Canucks game?

As much as I want to say the 89 epic series, I can’t really remember it. I do have that game 7 of that series on DVD though. Mike Vernon shutting down Smyl and Tanti in OT was unreal.

But my earliest memory has to be a bad one for me. I was at the game at the Coliseum, wearing my Fleury jersey, when the Canucks beat the Flames 11-0. I was 9 or 10 years old. I remember my father giving me a hard time the whole drive home as he was a Canucks fan.

A lot has been made in the last couple of years about the Canucks being the most hated team across the NHL, would you agree that they are?

I don’t think there’s any doubt the Canucks are the most hated team in the league. Whether or not I agree with that sentiment is a different story. The media outside of Vancouver has done a lot to further that angle. I frequent message boards of the Flames and there is no doubt the Canucks are the most hated team with everyone else a distant second.

I think people hate the Canucks because of their antics and because they win doing so. They have agitators and they have unlikeable personalities. That’s not to say they’re the only team that dives or complains, but rightly or wrongly, the damage has been done and it will be a long time for the Canucks to shake the reputation of being a team that uses certain antics to win games. I don’t think this current era of the Canucks with the Twins/Kesler/Luongo etc will ever rid themselves of this rep. And like I said, the fact that the Canucks are really good and can't be stopped, a sense of jealousy sets in amongst the Canuck detractors.

I will say however, those antics have been way less this season. But some of the stuff in last year’s playoffs was a bit much. It was hard to respect some of those antics.

Do you share the same opinion of the Canucks, Or is there another reason you don't like them?

If this interview was done a few years ago and the Canucks were in the way of the Flames winning a division, you might get a better answer from me. I used to despise the Canucks, almost at an unhealthy level. But I guess I’ve grown up a little. I’ve come to accept the Canucks are far and away a better team and that the Flames just can’t compete against right now. I just worry about what the Flames are doing on and off the ice.

I can’t really pin point one reason as to why I don’t like the Canucks. I’ve just never liked them. But it reached new levels after the 2004 series and into the season following the lockout when the Flames and Canucks had a good competitive rivalry going. Now, the Canucks just dominate and it’s more frustrating than I can tell you.

That’s not to say I don’t enjoy watching the Canucks lose. I cheered on the Hawks, Preds, Sharks and Bruins last year. Vancouver is the team I dislike the most. They’re a team that I love to hate. It’s the Canucks, then everyone else in terms of team I enjoy watching lose.

What are your favourite and worst memories from this rivalry?

Favourite memory- Pretty easy. Game 7 in 2004. Iginla’s best game as a Flame. The missed empty net by Iginla, leading to Cooke’s late tying goal. I literally had my head in my hands for the entire intermission, only to see Gelinas score the OT winner. I went insane, jumped up and down. Not only was it the first Flames series win in 15 years, but it was against the Canucks. The following day, I went into the big communal area at BCIT with my jersey on and got booed by about 100 people. I loved every second of it.

Worst memory? Bure in 94. I cried. End of story.

What are you going to do if the Canucks win the cup?

Go into hiding, take a few days off of work. Last year, before Game 6 in Boston, I posted on my Facebook and asked all my friends to give me 24 hours to grieve before giving me a hard time. I was fully prepared for the Canucks to win in Game 6 or 7. But when they lost, I gave my friends who support the Canucks the same 24 hour rule and didn’t give them a hard time.

If you'd like to participate in this and give us some insight from your teams perspective, shoot us a message or get to us on twitter @BrowntoBure


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I don't really think it's the fans as much as it's the media here driving it down our throats, pretty much the goal of this is to see if there really is a hate, or if it's completely blown overboard. Clearly, Calgary still hates us though lol.

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I think you are going to have more luck finding western conference teams that don't like the Canucks vs eastern conference.

My opinion is what is there to hate against? It's not like they are winning cup after cup ;) They aren't rival and so on.

There's always going to be hate from the Canuck rivals, especially in the west.

I personally am to busy hating the Pens, Caps, Rangers, Bruins.......

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Seems to be what most are saying, to quote one guy from New York "F the Canucks, they suck, they are overrated" But that's probably just cause he's from New York...

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Seems to be what most are saying, to quote one guy from New York "F the Canucks, they suck, they are overrated" But that's probably just cause he's from New York...

Sounds like a NY'er

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