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The Vancouver Canucks, through the eyes of the enemy



After going one by one through each NHL team message board the past couple of days and asking the question, why do they hate us? Some things have been made very clear.

  • In almost every market in the Eastern USA the common response as to why they hate the Canucks seems to be quite simple, they don't. Most of them could actually care less about the Canucks as not only do they rarely meet with the current structure of the NHL schedule, but they have bigger fish to fry in terms of their divisional rivals. There was one New York Rangers fan who ever so eloquently put it "F the Canucks, they are overrated and they suck" Interesting, even though almost nobody was willing to bite, a New Yorker swoops in to save the day. One common topic found out east was definately a hatred for the Boston Bruins, something we can all share. Surprisingly to me anyways, this was pretty much the same opinion of Eastern based Canadian teams. Montreal and Toronto are to busy hating each other to care, and Ottawa is just looking for someone to have an opinion on them one way or another.

  • You then have teams like Columbus, Minnesota, Nashville, St. Louis who really for the most part also are pretty indifferent to the Canucks and cited losing to us year after year as their mean reason for the dislike.

  • As I ventured south to see what the fans of these teams thought about the Canucks, I discovered something not all too surprising to me. Most of the teams don't even have message boards on their website, so it made it very difficult for me to even find someone. As with the majority of the NHL I decided that their opinion didn't matter because they barely have any fans and the majority of them won't even have teams in the near future.

  • Finally I got around to our biggest rivals, western Canadian divisional foes, previous playoff opponents and fan bases that caught me off guard. The going consensus with fans from Chicago, Boston, Edmonton, Detroit, Colorado was that the Canucks are a bunch of whiners, divers, and hypocrites with bigheaded fans who have absolutely no reason to puff out their chests, as they have never won a thing. Led by of course their "alien twins who can't even shave their faces differently” Mike Gillis and Alain Vigneault were also pointed out time after time as a gm and coach who are constantly complaining to the league. Really? Not the way I see it, seems to me they go out of their way to keep their mouth shut most of the time.

The fan bases that caught me rather off guard were San Jose, LA, Dallas and Anaheim. The amount of feedback and previously posted material on the message boards on each one of these teams’ websites was an absolute gold mine. They echoed the same sentiment as our other rivals and went even further, which I was somewhat taken back by as none of these teams are in our division or are really historical rivals of ours, outside of maybe LA. It's my belief that the fact Canucks fans now travel so well, and these are 4 of the easiest accessible markets for them to go see a game, where they generally vastly outnumber the home crowd, and win has something to do with this.

San Jose fans were by far the most aggressive bunch I spoke with. A lot of the fans on that website remarked over and over again that while they had previously hated the Canucks prior to last years western conference final showdown, it reached an all new high as they believe we got every single bounce and lucked our way through the whole series. The main piece of evidence of course being Kevin Bieksa's series winning goal that bounced off the stanchion and landed right on his stick.

When I decided to do this little piece I already knew exactly what most of the response would be, but it's a topic that won't go away in Vancouver and I wanted to see how much validity there was to it. One thing I heard over and over again was that if I didn't know why, then I was clueless. Way to miss the point boys. Another one was the Canucks fans are far to concerned with other peoples views of them and their team. After all of the people I talked to a came to the conclusion that the Vancouver Canucks are not the most hated team in the NHL, far from it actually. It seems to me nothing more than a complete over reaction by the sports media in this city to get people talking. From what I can see hatred is something that is strictly location based in the NHL for the most part, teams in the east hate the east, and teams in the west hate the west. The Vancouver Canucks definitely were the most hated team from the fans of the other 14 teams in the western conference though, as were the Boston Bruins the most hated of the 15 teams out east. This bodes very well should the 2 teams meet in the finals again this year as I suspect we'd have the east cheering for the west and the west cheering for the east, who are you going to cheer for?

The way I've felt for quite a while now is it's good to be hated, which means you're doing what you're supposed to do in a professional sports league, winning games. How many people do you think absolutely despise the Columbus Blue Jackets? Well, besides their own fans, but that's beside the point here.

The Vancouver Canucks have spent nearly 3/4 of their first 41 years as a mediocre team, down right horrible for a lot of it, and nobody cared. We were welcomed into every arena because it was easy win night and we were the loveable losers. Now we are becoming a dominant team in hockey, and people don't like it. I think Canucks fans need to enjoy this while they can, because there's going to come a time again when they aren't a top tier team, and we'll be back to people not caring about us, in either conference.


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Most other teams and their fans hate the Flyers and their fans. Of course us Flyer's fans get a bad wrap and do nothing to deserve it..... :)

Once teams start to remain at a high and consistent winning level, the hatred & jealously from other fans starts to grow. I think thats part of what the Canucks fans see.

It makes it all the more fun.

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Did you get any feedback from Boston fans on how they feel about the Canucks?

Team1040 are always harping on about the Bruins and how after Chicago they are their biggest rivals.

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I was told where i could go and what to do with certain things and where abouts i could shove them. Thankfully it being online I didn't have to hear those idiots bastardizing the english language with their disgusting accent. The Hawks are still a big rival, but after we beat them and the way the series with Boston shook down last year Boston is our number one rival right now, we absolutely despise them.

Boston thinks they are playing old time hockey and never do anything wrong, but you'll notice that when anything happens to them they scream bloody murder, that whole organization is a bunch of hypocrites, as many people from the east told me its been like that forever, we are just finding out now for ourselves out west.

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"I was told where i could go and what to do with certain things and where about's i could shove them."

LOL Welcome to Boston! I guess it is an honor to be hated in two conferences by the top teams though I feel that Boston are a very up and down team and are not guaranteed to repeat.

I guess NYR fans have little opinion of the Nucks as well though they may be very similar teams in the eyes of Eastern Conference teams.

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hahah I remember in the Bos/Van game this year he said "Jannik Hansen tried to carve Adam McQuaid with his stick last year in the playoffs"

I almost spit out my beer, just call the game instead of trying to "rally the troops"

Also anyone who saw what the anonymous Sharks fan posted that I removed from here, I did rip them after being called an idiot numerous times after asking them my question. The fact that it was anonymous, and didn't display the truth is why I deleted it.

I love debating with people any time, but if you're going to come in as a guest and rip me, at least bring some facts, or it's not getting displayed.

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Guest XxBMW85xX


I did not rip you, I quoted you calling the Sharks fanbase "a bunch of crying, butt hurt hypocrites" (Which was not in retaliation to anything a Shark fan said to you, not a single person in that thread insulted you or called you an idiot UNTIL you insulted us for ripping your team)

My other point was that you totally misrepresented what we said in response to your questions. The "Luck" that you make it seem everyone was upset over, was barely a factor whatsoever. It was specificially stated by many people why the fanbase doesn't like the Canucks.

Here is the link to the thread for anyone that wants to see for themselves:


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You yourself didn't, but If you'll read again, I was called "clueless" before I said anything. Then as i stated in my response, "While most made valid points" It seemed to me that while some people were actually giving reason's as to why, a lot of it was nothing but ripping on the team or posting video's while not really giving any sort of rational answer to the questions I posed. Also, the Riot pictures clearly had something to do with the topic... So I'll say it again Some people were being idiots, and that's who my comment was directed to, not you yourself.

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While we're at it you can deliver this to your drones.

I'm not a 'DJ' nor have I ever been....

And in response to the tweets you cited from our page:

BrowntoBure BrowntoBure

@hollisterkid4 oh i'm will aware of those clowns, that's the beauty though.. we get to mock some of these idiots if they are stupid about it

This one was referring to the Edmonton Oilers

BrowntoBure BrowntoBure

@hollisterkid4 which led to "how can you not hate them" its hard to get one to help though, they aren't confident with their knowledge

This one was referring to something a Nashville Predators fan said to me via their message board.

As one of your members pointed out "Completely biased takes" you guys gave me material for my blog, then flipped out when you didn't like what you saw... who's fault is that? Any press is good press and not only are you giving it to me but the forum, so thanks for the hits and the readers, try to cheer up alright?

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Guest XxBMW85xX


You were not called clueless directly, the post you are referring to said "You guys really are clueless.???" which meant all Canucks fans, not you. That was also just one response out of up to that point, 34 posts for that thread. To say most of the fans are what you called us was uncalled for and yet the majority of the board still continued to provide you with responses in a fairly respectful manner (See post #49). Although yes some people including me were done with treating the thread with any respect due to your comment.

The pictures of the riot and the insults directed at you did not happen until you insulted the Sharks fanbase.

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I love debating with people any time, but if you're going to come in as a guest and rip me, at least bring some facts, or it's not getting displayed.

Kind of the theme here. Argue the point not the person.

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What drives dislike for me w/r for a particular team often has more to do with dislike for certain players, coaches, and GMs, or favoritism given by the officials. It wasn't that long ago where Detroit was one of my most despised teams, now I admire the way the come out every year with a team worthy of winning the cup.

I also find that since I have been playing fantasy hockey, my dislike for entire "teams" for any length of time has been completely neutered.

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