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State of the Game



blog-0917988001329167280.jpgAfter watching the Sabres vs Lightning game on Saturday I once again come back to the how the NHL has gone backwards thoughts. Coming out of the lockout the NHL claimed they would be different. Players were no longer allowed to clutch and grab. Slow players could no longer interfere with fast players. Scoring was up and the game was growing. Seven years later it seems we have gone back to pre lockout.

How many times a game now can you sit there and say "that's interference" or "that's holding"? No matter what team or game I'm watching I say it more than 5 times. Remember when players dumped the puck in and the defender could not stand in front of them or hold them up. Definition of interference. The Philadelpia Flyers were forced to do a full rebuild because of how the NHL changed out of the lockout. They were to slow and couldn't clutch and grab anymore. Now I think that team could be successful again. Players like Hal Gill who are pylons are still in the league now because they can interfere again.

Teams like the NJ Devils and Tampa Bay Lightning are responsible for the reason scoring is down. They bore up the game to the point where you want to rip your eyeballs out. How many people see NJ on the schedule and go "Oh nice NJ!". The Devils wonder why they can't put any fans in their new arena. What Guy Boucher is doing to the lightning is a crime. Star speed and skill players like St. Louis, Stamkos, and Lecavalier are handcuffed in that system. I know Stamkos has 37 goals, but imagine if he was able to attack the offensive zone. Remember this?....

Is this how we are supposed to grow our game?

Not many people tune in to watch two teams give up 20 shots and play to a 2-1 score on a nightly basis. I love hockey and the Sabres are in a strong playoff push, but I have no intention of watching the Devils play Buffalo tomorrow. My girlfriend and I turned down tickets to the game to instead go out somewhere else on Valentine's Day. Any other team we would be at the FN Center tomorrow. I'll catch the 2-1 highlights later.

Scoring as an all time low this season around the league. Goalies are having all time high stats. It's bad when a 2.30 GAA is average or below average. Dominik Hasek is considered one of the best in the game and he sported a 2.50 GAA average in his day. That was outstanding. Goalie equipment size is back up again. For example James Reimer looks like Garth Snow.

Also the NHL has informed officials to stop calling penalties. Penalties are also at an all time low. In the last 2 Sabres games 2 penalties were called. Zero in the Lightning vs Sabres game. Am I to believe not one player tripped, hooked, held, or interfered with someone. The NHL wants scoring up then they need to give out PP's.

Do you think the NHL has gone backwards? What should the league do?


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Guest Surfer22


Gain the their blue line and not the red line for icing and reduce goalie equipment size.

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I like 2-1 hockey games. I say if you don't like the trap, find a way to beat it. And I don't think you're seeing a return to the clutch and grab era

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