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Breaking Down the Kane for Miller Rumor/Idea



blog-0712087001329411037.jpgI was doing my usual morning cruise around the hockey internet making stops at tsn, nhl.com, and hockeybuzz to get my crazy Ek rumors for the day. I'm surprised it took Ek so long, but at long last the Miller for Kane rumor was in his rumor blog today. So since the Sabres give me nothing interesting to write about I'll kick this around.

Now let me say this first off IF this happens I find it hard to believe it goes down at the deadline. I think Chicago will take a shot at Nabokov, Bulin, or another rental goalie and keep Kane for the playoffs. However in the offseason a different story.

Lets start with Patty Kane. He has speed, skill, personality, and excitment. He has struggled this season in Chicago after a red hot start. He has 12 goals and 33 assists so far in 57 games, with a +8. On the Sabres roster he'd be in the top 3 for scoring with Vanek and Pominville. However by Kane standards this is an off year. Kane has played center, but is best used on the wing. I'm not trying a Ville Leino conversion here if I make this deal. If I'm trading for Kane he is playing his natural position of wing. A few cabbies in Buffalo might be upset, but all in all I think most Sabres fans would be happy with Kane.

Now to Ryan Miller. He has had an up and down season this year. He started well then went south since his injury, but is on the way back up again. He sports a 16-17-3 record with a 2.75 GAA and a .909%. He also has 3 shutouts this season, one coming in a shootout loss to the Rangers (only in the NHL). He has put his heart and soul into the Sabres franchise trying to win. However they have never reached a Cup final and have not bad it out of the first round since 06-07. This league is harsh where production matters more than dedication. Also not on Miller's side is the growing idea that paying a goalie a boat load of money isn't the way to go. Tonight's opponent is a prime example of this theory. Sure Thomas won the cup last year, but before him post lockout Niemi, Fleury (eh), Osgood, Gigure, and Ward. I don't think any of those goalies you would consider top 3-5 in the NHL besides maybe Ward, but he won before he made a name for himself. Fleury maybe, but he has to many off nights, take a look at last weekend Jets game. All those post lock out winners had scoring by the bunches.

Before Sabres fans start buying their blue and gold 88 jerseys a couple hurdles stand in the way here. One Miller has a NTC in which he has to give a list of teams he will accept a trade to. Chicago might not be on that list. Also the Sabres need a goaltender if Miller is gone. Do they hand it over to Enroth? I'm assuming Crawford would probably come over with Kane, but it might cost the Sabres another piece too (Sekera, Gragnani, Weber, or Brennan). Also who says Chicago wants to give away Kane. He is a former first overall pick with the talent level that doesn't grow on trees. Sure maybe they will want a shake up if they get bounced in the first round, but is a 6 million dollar goalie that shake up? Anyway you could pry can out of Chicago without giving Miller up and instead using Enroth and prospects (wishful thinking probably)?

WWDD(what would Darcy do)??? What would you do?


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The whole thing is baloney...

The Hawks need a better goaltender and the Sabres need another scorer....it just fits. But there is no way either team will part with their respective stars. It's way too simple and way to high-line to be true, particularly since both haven't had great seasons. It just doesn't make any sense at all, except in the mind of Eklund... Of course, now that I've mentioned his name, I owe him a cuppla' bucks...

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