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He's been like this for the majority of his career, while riding on the coat tails of Ryan Kesler. Lots of skill but doesn't put it to use, needs a change of scenery in my opinion. Lots of the talk around here is Raymond for Moen.

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If his hands ever caught up to his feet he would nearing the potential I think that he has, but getting knocked off the puck so easily (or just falling) will always be his downfall. He reminds me of an ex canuck from a long time ago, Paulin Bourdeleau (1973 I think), such potential, such speed, such a disappointment.

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I think one of the reasons Vancouver has held on to Raymond is for his speed and skating. I don't see him ever becoming a first line player, anywhere. He could do better by putting more shots at the net. Raymond would have been a better choice for the Wild instead of Christensen. However, I doubt the Canucks would trade him here.

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