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Wings come to Town!



Tonight the Hawks take on their biggest rival, "The Detroit Scum", "Deadwings", or whatever you would like to refer to them as. Tonight, two big stars will be out of their respective line ups, Detroit's All-Star center Pavel Datsyuk will miss about two weeks following knee surgery and Captain Marvel is out for the Hawks with the infamous "Upper Body" injury. The Hawks will be looking to continue their 3 game winning streak as they continue to gain back their confidence. While the Hawks are far from perfect, they will need to play a perfect game tonight against the best team in the NHL. The Hawks PP is a must have tonight and must produce tonight for the Hawks to be successful (Sunday against the Blues the Hawks were 0-3).

Tonight's contest is a big challenge for the Hawks, but wining this one changes things in the West. A sinking Dallas squad follows, with the Southern Cal trip to Anaheim and San Jose and then Ontario Double (Toronto and Ottawa) to follow. Win here, and suddenly the idea of immediately canceling out that damn losing streak doesn't seem so ridiculous.

Tonight's Expected Hawks Lineup:

Sharp - Bolland - Hossa

Stalberg - Kruger - Kane

Brunette - Mayers - Bickell

Hayes - Morrison - Scott


Keith - Olsen

Leddy - Seabrook

Lepisto - O'Donnell


The Crow

Trade Deadline:

- So far all is quite on the trade front.

Odds and Ends:

- Hjalmarsson returned to practice this morning but still isn’t ready for game action and will be out tonight.

- Detroit is 7-4-1 in 12 Tuesday games this season

- Detroit is 70-4-4 the last 78 times they've scored 4+ goals in a game

Side Note(s):

If you only knew...

A $100 bet on the Detroit Red Wings in November would be worth $3.9 million now if a bettor had allowed his money to ride during the team's current home win streak, according to Todd Fuhrman of Caesars Entertainment. The Red Wings began a 23-game home win streak on Nov. 5 with a 5-0 win over the Anaheim Ducks. The original $100 bet would have earned the bettor $68 after the first game and accumulated into more than $100,000 after the 15th. Fuhrman, a senior race and sportsbook analyst, suggests that a bettor could have earned $3.9 million dollars after the Red Wings' 3-2 win over the San Jose Sharks on Sunday if they kept their money in for the entire duration of the streak. There have been no reports of an actual bettor who has cashed in on every game of the streak at this point.

Thanks for reading!





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