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Trade Wars: Part 10 (HF101's)



blog-0430937001330291912.jpgWell sorry folks, I didn't accept either of the last two trade offers by habsguy26. Thus, there is nothing to vote in this installment of Trade Wars. So as we come to a close here I am taking his last two team matchups and making counter offers. We have a day left to come to agreement on two last trades so let me be brief.

Habs First offer:

The Montreal Canadiens offer:

Andrei Kostitsyn, Chris Campoli, Mike Blunden and a 2013 2nd round pick

to The Phoenix Coyotes for:

Rostislav Klesla and Gilbert Brule

I dislike this deal mainly because Klesla is a significant part of the Coyote defense. He is signed for the next two years and he is the perfect defensive type d-man necessary to help bring on board a few of the quality defensive prospects awaiting a chance to play. I also am not fond of Campoli and with his consistent defensive liabilities and I just don't see him fitting into Tippets's system. Kostitsyn although talented is also inconsistent. Maybe he could fit on the coyote roster, but at this time since Plekanec is willing to lift his NTC the Coyotes would prefer to make the following offer:

Counter offer 1:

The Phoenix Coyotes offer:

Boyd Gordon, Gilbert Brule, Michael Stone and a first round pick in the 2012 draft

to the Montreal Canadiens for::

Thomas Plekanec

Thomas Plekanec can really help the Coyotes up the middle with his two way play going into the playoffs, and I would really like to see a deal to bring Plekanec to Phoenix . The Coyotes are willing to trade Boyd Gordon who also is a quality defensive forward, Brule, a former #1 pick of the Blue Jackets who plays a gritty game, and a big talented young defenseman in Stone who has a solid defensive all around game. Michael Stone is projected to be a top 4 defenseman. He currently has been called up for the injured Klesla and I think this is a deal that can help the Canadiens prepare for next season.

Habs Second offer:

The Boston Bruins offer:

Greg Campbell and a 2012 2nd round pick

to The San Jose Sharks for:

Doug Murray

All I really need to say with this deal is NO. Murray is a necessary component of the Sharks defense whom cannot be traded going into the playoffs. I'm finding it difficult to offer a trade that helps both of these franchises moving forward. At the moment I believe the Bruins could use another forward thus the Sharks are able to part with Winchester a versatile 3-4 line forward for a draft pick in the 2012 draft.

Counter offer 2:

The San Jose Sharks offer:

Brad Winchester

To the Boston Bruins for

a third round pick in the 2012 draft

Are these the last two trade offers? We are getting very close. Remember habsguy26 and my self will present a final blog with both of our summaries of all the dealings we made over the last few weeks. And it will be up to our readers to decide the winner. Also don't forget to vote in the previous blog by habsguy26 for the accepted trades between the Devils / Stars and the Islanders / Blues.

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