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Twas the Night Before the Trade Deadline



blog-0386929001330313908.gifTwas the night before the trade deadline and all through hockey heaven not a creature was sturring not even a mouse. Ok enough of that. It looks like right now to be the silence before the storm. We've seen a few teams make some move, but not many competitors. I think this is good news and could make a very exciting run to the deadline.

On the Sabres front all is quiet. Gaustad has a minor injury, making his availability less likely. I think with he recent play and desire to stay in Buffalo Gaustad will not be on the move. Derek Roy has played better as of late and I think he too is a long shot to moved. Boyes is hurt and not great at hockey so with a 4 million cap hit he will not be moved. No chance Regher goes. Dustin Brown is no longer for sale now and I think his hat trick last night made that a definate. However with the Sabres if they make a move it is for somebody you don't see the Sabres connected to. Since the lockout however Buffalo has had small luck with acquiring helpful players at the deadline. Since 06-07 the Sabres have picked up Dainus Zuburus, Steve Bernier, Ty Conklin, Mikahel Telqvist, Dominic Moore, Raffi Torres, and Brad Boyes. Zuburus being the most productive.

of the group. Buffalo made things hard on Regier taking 3 of 4 against the Bruins and Rangers. They only sit 6 points out with 2 games in hand.

Lets take a look elsewhere with some teams I think will be interesting to watch tomorrow.

Anaheim Ducks: Remember when Corey Perry, Ryan Getzlaf, and Bobby Ryan were up for trade? Remember when Jonas Hiller was done? Long gone are those days. The Ducks are making a strong push for the playoffs. I think if any team comes from the back to make it back in the top 8 it is the Ducks. Should be interesting if they move Blake, Lydman, and/or Koivu. Could they make a move to help the push?

Florida Panthers: At the moment the Panthers hold control of the Southeast by a few points. They are looking to make the playoffs for the first time in years. They are getting fans to come to the games now they need to make the playoffs to keep them hooked.

Toronto Maple Leafs: The Leafs are in an absolute free fall. I think they are on track to finish in the 11-13 spot in the east. This will be an important day for Brian Burke's future in Toronto. He needs to be careful to not make a panic move that will set the Leafs back again. Should he sell off Grabovski and others? Overpay for Nash?

Philadelphia Flyers: Up and down the Flyers season has gone. Bryzgalov has been a 51 million dollar bust in the goalie hell known has Philly. Do they pick up another goalie? Do they make a 3rd move for another forward? Or are they done?

Players Rumored to be on the move that won't move:

Paul Gaustad

Rick Nash

Dustin Brown

Mikhail Grabovski

Evgeni Nabokov

Players that will have a new home:

Andrei Kostitsyn

Dustin Penner

Bulin Wall

Bryan Allen

Ryan Malone

Didn't see that coming player to be moved:

Jay Bouwmeester

Anyways should be fun lets get it going!


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