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Trade Wars: Part 11 (habsguy26)



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  1. 1. Who won the San Jose-Boston Deal?

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blog-0983550001330629045.jpgHey guys, we're back with what is hopefully the last installment (from me anyways) of Trade Wars. I'm not even gonna bother quoting all of the completed trades because 1) there was a a problem with the quoting from my last blog and 2) you should have a basic understanding by now off all the trades. Now, from HF's last issue, I accepted one of his two trades.

HF's 1st offer: Confirmed

The San Jose Sharks trade:

Brad Winchester

To the Boston Bruins for

a 3rd round pick in the 2012 draft

Offer Confirmed: I decided to accept this offer from HF because I like Winchester's game and it comes cheaply with only the 3rd rounder going back. This trade adds another gritty forward to an already sand paper'd line up in Boston and Winchester's style of play is coveted by play off teams. Good offer from HF.

HF's 2nd offer: Declined

The Phoenix Coyotes offer:

Boyd Gordon, Gilbert Brule, Michael Stone and a first round pick in the 2012 draft

to the Montreal Canadiens for:

Thomas Plekanec

Offer Declined: This offer is rejected respectfully because I know that the Habs could get more for Plekanec. In comparison, The Columbus Blue Jackets ( in real life, not in this trade wars blog) got defenceman Jack Johnson and a 1st round pick for the services of Jeff Carter. Carter through 39 games this year has 25 points and is signed through the next 10 years at a big cap hit. Plekanec, is signed through the next 4 years at a moderate cap hit, has 42 points in 63 games, and unlike Carter has a good two way game and even plays on the NHL's best Penalty Kill. A deal HAS to be sorted out between these two teams, and I am going to make a counter offer.

The Montreal Canadiens offer:

Tomas Plekanec and a 2012 2nd round pick (acquired from Nashville for Hal Gill)

to The Phoenix Coyotes for:

Brandon Gormley and a 2012 1st round pick

Wow, you're thinking. This is a similar package to the one Columbus received for Carter, except Gormley is only a prospect and Jack Johnson is a PROVEN NHL player. Gormley still has a ways to go. Plekanec will be a great 2nd line center for the Coyotes and would help them tremendously in the play offs, much like he did for the Canadiens during their story book run back in 2010.

Okay so there it is, part 11. We've recently both been very busy and were unfortunately unable to complete this series by our goal, the Trade Deadline. But, we hope to finish it in the next couple of days. Don't forget to comment and vote!

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