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Monday Meltdown



blog-0035553001331003569.jpegWelcome to Monday Meltdown. Starting today, every Monday BrowntoBure will take a look back at the week that was in Canuck land and release a little of that Monday stress by ranting on something that really had us shaking our heads.

Allow us to ease into this by going to the well for something we could just as easily title "Vancouver's response to every single goal in the last 3 years"

How many of you wake up Monday morning excited for the week?

Well if you're anything like me you loathe the moment the alarm sounds and you realize you've got to head back to work. This generally puts me in a foul mood all day where it's generally quite easy to agitate me. One of the most surefire ways to get under my skin at such a time is to make ignorant remarks in regards to the play of Roberto Luongo.

My alarm clock is set to sports radio where I usually lay in bed for a bout 15 minutes before I get up where I get my recap of the weekends events.

Today I was granted the pleasure of waking up to a very deep and insightful reminder as to what drives me up the wall every time the Canucks lose a game. "This guy just cannot win us big games"

Right... So not only am I tired, it's Monday and I now have a massive headache and probably an even bigger damage bill as I instinctively drove my head through the bedroom wall.

Looking back on it, maybe just turning the radio off was a much better solution. But you have to understand that living in Vancouver and listening to the morons who call in on a daily basis is like that huge 10-car pile up on the highway. You know you shouldn’t but you just cannot help from slowing down to have a look.

Saturday night the Buffalo Sabres led by Mr. Nobody appreciates me, Cody Hodgson came to town.

The fans were fired up, and undoubtedly the 5 players who were going against their former teams for the first time surely must have been as well.

Wow, we really misjudged that one.

Something that has been an all too common experience this season reared it's ugly head yet again, the Canucks came out completely flat and were run right out of the building with the Sabres scoring 3 goals in the first 5 minutes of the game. Roberto faced 7 shots for a save percentage of .571 and was pulled after the 3rd goal. What many people in Vancouver fail to realize was that although he definitely did not look to be on his game at all (Mason Raymond blasting a puck off his collar bone in warm up may have had something to do with that) this was not the reason why he was pulled. This was the classic case of a "mercy pull” where rather than letting the goalie sit in net and get peppered all night behind a team that clearly isn't ready to play, the coach elects to switch his goalie in an attempt to get the attention of his players. While Roberto definitely is not free of any criticism here, he's not the one to blame. For the better part of 3 months the Canucks have been coming out like this in the first period of many games, and Roberto has had to seemingly stand on his head every night, until the team finds their legs. This is something that goes right over the heads of the vast majority of clueless knobs who like to call themselves Vancouver Canuck fans. I took in this game at a local pub and was amazed, but not surprised at the remarks coming from the people sitting in my vicinity. "Trade him" "Way to choke again" "Should have started Schneider” and a perennial favourite of mine, the stand up and applaud when the camera show's Luongo skating to the bench.

Since November 1st Luongo has played 33 games where he has allowed only 67 goals on 971 shots for a Goals Against Average of 2.03 and a Save percentage of .931 which culminated in a dazzling shutout performance of the St.Louis Blues on March the 1st. Which just so happened to be a battle for first place in the NHL.

It blows my mind how ignorant the fans in this city can be while they completely ignore the MVP like numbers Luongo has been putting up this season. It just goes to show that no matter what someone has done in the past, there's a real what have you done for me lately mentality going on here and there are people just sitting, waiting and dare I say hoping for Luongo to falter ever so slightly so they can rip the guy to shreds.

So I'm going to give you a piece of advice here Canucks fans. Instead of waiting to tear this guy down at every single opportunity, how about you stop and think about how well he has played this year and where this team might be without him putting up these types of numbers and consistently bailing out your team when they haven't been ready to perform. Not only will it make your hockey watching experience much more enjoyable, it will greatly improve my Mondays!

Who am I kidding?

See you next week.

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