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Week in Review: Flying right along...



blog-0969007001331016928.jpgHeading down to the Shark Tank last tuesday I was expecting anything but a goalie battle. Bryzgalov's struggle's have been obvious and Niemi was on a bit of a drought himself going 2-5-1 in his last 8 games. When the first shot of the game for the Sharks went in we figured we were in for a scoring onslaught, and yet it never came.

The game against the Sharks, as well as the last 2 against New York and Washington, have given me nothing but hope moving forward for the Flyers. I can honestly say that Bryzgalov has, for the first time in Philly, looked like the Bryzgalov that was top 10 in every category in the league the last few years in Phoenix.

Who's to say that it's going to last? Things change from night to night here in the NHL so we'll have to wait and see but for the first time in quite some time there's some confidence brewing in net, in the locker room and in the stands and thats just what this team needs down the stretch here as the playoffs creep closer and closer.

Danny Briere released a statement today, post practice, stating that "the last couple of weeks, [brygalov] has actually been a great teammate and hopefully, he stays that way". Well, Danny, if good attitude and solid play are in correlation with each other, your attitude must be pretty awful right now.

Briere has 0 G and 6 A in the past 19 games. His last goal came with the hat trick almost 2 months ago in Ottawa. Luckily the Flyers defense has come through when the offense has dried up because while they did have six goals against New York, just one goal against both San Jose and Washington doesn't often get you close to the win. Hopefully Briere will find his offense by Tuesday because the Red Wings are having a cup contending season and even without Datsyuk, they are quite scary in every category.

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