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Look Who's Back...The Orange and Black



blog-0842488001323292739.jpgThe Flyers invade the First Niagara Center tonight for the 2nd and final time this season. The last 2 meetings between these two teams have less than ideal for the Sabres. Both games seeing Ryan Miller getting chased and luckluster starts. Game 7 of the '10 playoffs Philly won 5-1 and earlier this season the Flyers jumped to a quick 3-0 lead before the Sabres faithful could reach their seats. The Sabres made it close but still ended up losing 3-2. The First Niagara Center has not been a place the team likes to play this year. They're 5-8-1 (Helsinki doesn't count) and have not put together a single good effort at home except the Capitals game a few weekends ago, where the Caps were trying to get their coach fired. Caps succeeded in their goal and so did the Sabres. Other than that goaltending has been shaky, scoring has been nonexsistent, and inspiration has been at a minimum. The hometown team NEEDS a good start tonight to try to get things going in the right direction. Lets not forget this team sent you packing in the postseason, I know the fans sure remember. They have to build a winning streak not continous losing streaks. Teams come into the Center and expect to win, that just cannot be the case anymore. With 4 home games coming in the next 7 days, I think 3 or 4 wins is a must anything less could be a real real problem.

Injuries have been an issue for both these teams, but the Flyers will be better off tonight than the Sabres. JVR and former Sabres captain turned Sabres killer Danny Briere will be back in the lineup. Bryzgalov to my surprise is expected to be guarding the 4 x 6 cage. The Flyers will however be without captain Chris Ponger still after knee surgery. His rein seems to be nearing an end in the NHL. Also young promising prospect Bayden Schenn will be out as well. The Sabres however are not getting healthier they will be without Myers, Weber, Gaustad, McCormick, Leopold, and Kaleta. Gerbe will return tonight after his scary cut the other night and is sure to provide the team with a spark. Miller gets his second straight start in goal after a strong outing against the Preds on Saturday, he could use another good start against Philly tonight. Will tonight also be the night Stafford, Roy, Gerbe, and to a smaller extent now Leino (3 pts in 2 games) get going? Leino may want to show his former team that it indeed was a mistake to let him go, just my thought.

Expected Lineup:






Regher-Grags/Mcnabb (depending on how Grags starts off)




Prediction: If not now then when? Sabres come out flying tonight W 4-2.


Recommended Comments

4-2 but Flyers. Briere gets at least one.

Sabres are walking wounded - even more so that they Flyers now.

Philly's 3rd and 4th line are stronger than the Sabres.

1st line is probably too with a health Giroux and Jagr.

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Center experiment has been over for about a month now and he's actually produced more on the 3rd line because he is playing his natural position. A 3rd line winger that provides some secondary scoring only problem is 4.5mil cap hit.

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Well didn't happened. Flyers won.

BTW I like your defense in year or two you will have one the best core, if you will be able manage a cap.

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Overall, the Sabres Defense was was solid with the exception of Erhoff. He was a turnover machine and if he had a chance to screw up a play last night he did. What was your take on Miller's "mask" issues? He certainly seemed to have as much trouble keeping it on his head as Hartnell has keeping his balance on his skates......

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Ehrhoff has been a horse the last weeks after a slow start playing 30 min a game on average last night he was fanning on every thing his stick touched. Miller I kinda feel bad for he takes shot after shot to the head. Tootoo Satruday and last night McNabb cut him and then JVR I think took his mask of with a bullet of a shot to the head from the top of the circle.

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