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Sean Avery Might Have Magic Powers



More and more I wonder if Sean Avery has some kind of magical power. The Rangers traded for him in February 2007, helping to put Avery on a more prominent stage than he had in LA as a King. Avery’s antics and agitating suddenly seemed more noteworthy.

Avery loved it in New York but couldn’t come to a contract agreement with the Rangers, so in the summer of 2008, Avery signed with the Dallas Stars. Avery had a four-year contract, but he wasn’t playing for the team he wanted to be.

In Dallas, he made his infamous “sloppy seconds” comment and the Stars decided to part ways with Avery, whatever it took, whether it meant stashing him in the AHL for the rest of his four years, or simply paying him not to play for Dallas.

But then, the Rangers decided they wanted Avery back and claimed him off of Dallas’ hands, with the Stars on the hook for half of Avery’s salary. Not only was Avery back in the NHL, he was back playing for the team he wanted to play for.


And then, just a few weeks ago, Avery was once again sent to the AHL, told that the Rangers had no place for him. Avery’s NHL career seemed over. Again. Why would the Rangers ever recall him? What would they need Avery for?

And yet, here we are. Avery is once again on his way back to the NHL. As a Ranger no less.

Coach John Tortorella says Avery is needed because fourth-liner Mike Rupp is injured. There’s no guarantee Avery will even crack the lineup. Except you know he will. Because Avery is some kind of wizard who is magically keeping himself in the NHL. How many other NHL vets manage to get recalled to their team by a coach that seems to pretty actively hate them?

Just like horror movies have taught us the importance of the double tap, Sean Avery’s career has taught us never to count him out. The man is a boomerang. Every time he’s tossed out of the NHL, he returns right back to where he was.

And when he’s done with the NHL (if that ever actually happens), my guess is Avery will coach at Hogwarts. Maybe he’ll show them the spell to screen a keeper. (11.02.2011 | Author: Steven Ovadia | puckupdate.com)


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hey blogger, nice blog.

I think Avery is a nut case, but aside from that his play sparks more energy out of the Rangers.

btw, are you in my BSH fhl? (Red Light District)

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