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Which Blackhawks team Shows Up Tonight?



After a dissapointing loss to the Yotes Tuesday (Yotes 4 Toews 3), thats a big question. Think about it for a moment... The beloved Hawks are not as good as their record. Let me repeat that, the beloved Hawks are not as good as their record. I know, I know some of you may be upset at this realization but unfortunately its true. (Move to "Tonight's Game" below if you are afraid to read the next paragraph and face reality).

If you are one of those that believes that this is a Stanley Cup team, you need to spend a lil time watching teams like Pittsburgh, Boston and San Jose. The Hawks continue to consistently start games unfocused and unprepared, this coming from a team with a lot of talent (even going back to last season). How many times have we heard at the end of a game, "we did not play a full 60 minutes...". Well why not? Defensively, the Hawks d-men consistently fail to engage anyone physically except for Seabs. Why Coach Q? I am waiting for an answer... Last year the Hawks were terrible on the penalty kill and guess what... again this season it sucks. Hawks' fans you probably would of thought that the PK would have been corrected by now. Hey Q, do we miss Soepel that much? If so tell Stan to get off his azz and bring him back for $500k. Also have you noticed that night after night, it's Toews, Hoss, Sharpie, Kaner or maybe Seabs, who bail the team out (when successful). This is a dangerous way to play hockey over an 82 game schedule. I've said it before and I will say it again... the Hawks need to acquire a stable, veteran (preferably physical) defenseman, NOW! Hey Stan, the longer you wait, the chance that the D-man the Hawks need will be snatched up by another team and hopefully not a conference rival. They also need a true 6th forward. Get busy Stan, you have the cap space!

Tonight's Game:

Ok, time to catch my breath. Tonight the Hawks take on the Islanders at Long Island. These two teams met less than a week ago and just to remind you, the Hawks escaped with a 5-4 SO win. It was Captain Serious who stepped up (sound familiar) and scored the game winner in the shoot out. The Islanders come into tonight's game having won two straight since losing to the Hawks in a SO with wins over Dallas and the Bolts.

Tonight’s Lineup:











Odds and Ends:

- Razor is 4-1-2 with a 2.93 GAA and .890 save percentage (the numbers took a major hit during the Hawks' 9-2 loss to the Oilers). He also has only surrendered two goals in his last three games for a 1.02 GAA.

- Bolland is still nursing is right foot that was injured in the game against the Blues on October 6th

- With 1/3 of the season completed, without a doubt Toews is the MVP of the league.

- The Hawks PP has improved so much that it is now 10th in the league

- The Hawks are 5-4-1 over their last ten games.

Thanks for reading!





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