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Road Points, Take em if You Can Get em!



I asked the yesterday, "Which Hawks teams show up tonight?" and the question was answered as I hoped. The Hawks had solid effort last night against the Islanders from the Razor last night and Hossa and Sharpie provided the offense in a Hawks 3-2 victory. It was nice to see the Hawks score first and play well except for a few minor spots during the game that I will touch on later. First, congrats to Hossa for scoring his 400th career goal, it was a lucky one. Two of the goals last night came from the new second line of Sharpie, Kruger, and Hossa. So, kudos go out to the second line. Also kudos go out to the PK last night as the Hawks killed off all six their penalties against the hawt Islander PP unit and are now 27th in the league in the PK. Just think, a lil over a week ago they were at the bottom of the league in 30th.

Now for some of the negatives from last night...

Car Bomb took a very dumb roughing penalty with a lil of three minutes to play in the game. As I watched the game, it was quite apparent that the Islander players were "egging" him on and he took the bait. Now as I said before I am a Car Bomb fan, I like what he brings to the Hawks, but he needs to be aware of the game situation at critical times, like late in a tie game. Also the forward defense in the defensive zone had two very bad breakdowns that led to both Islander goals. The Islander point men furthest away from the puck were being left wide open allowing for target practice on Razor. For the Hawks sake, most of these shot went wide but two did go in. On the second Islander goal, the Hawks had four players on the far boards all within 10 feet of each other. These are system issues that Coach Q must work out as this is a consistent weakness.


Odds and Ends:

- Emery is 5-1-2 this season as a backup to Corey Crawford

- Did you know that in league scoring Captain Serious is 4th, Kaner is 7th, Sharpie is 9th and Hossa is 13th. Pretty impressive, aye!

- Captain Serious is 2nd in the league in faceoff percentage (among regular players)

Thanks for reading!



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