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There's Something in the Chowder



In yet another display of the vast intelligence running rampant through the streets of Boston, several fans took to twitter tonight to express their displeasure at their team being eliminated from the finals. Unfortunately they chose to do so in very disgusting manner as they hurled racist comments towards Joel Ward of the Washington Capitals, the man who scored the overtime winner. Joel is black, which apparently doesn’t sit to well with Bruins fans, which is ironic considering the colour of their uniforms.

Speaking of irony, remember the Vancouver Stanley Cup Riot last year?

Of course you do, because I know me personally, I can’t go a day without hearing about it. Many Bruins fans have taken to twitter to express their displeasure with the comments made by their peers and to distance themselves from them by stating that they are not all racist, it’s just a small group of idiots.

You know how many cop cars I set on fire? Zero.

Just like the vast majority of Vancouver Canucks fans I had absolutely nothing to do with the riot, but that didn’t seem to matter. It’s funny when you want to be distanced from a certain event, as to not be painted with the same brush as a group of idiots. But, when we asked the same thing of you, there was no holding back on the endless piling on.

To me the best part of this is the hilarious display of ignorance from Bruins fans, who probably should be reminded that, Willie O’ree, the first black player in the history of the NHL first laced up the skates for, you guessed it, the Boston Bruins.

I’d imagine the Bruins organization will be issuing an apology to Joel Ward in the very near future, I just hope he gets it. He’s going to be very busy in the 2nd round of the playoffs.

Speaking of which, Joel. When you’re done, I’m sure there’s plenty of people in Vancouver who would like to buy you a beer, and don’t worry, It won’t be any of that Samuel Adams piss water that comes out of Boston.

As for you very special Boston B’s, the B stands for Bigots. Keep your heads up. The NHL playoffs are over and that’s a drag, but look at the bright side, the NBA playoffs are about to start in a couple of weeks and your Boston Celtics will be making another run at a championship… It’s too bad for you the core of that team is black.

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One fukking snowball at a drunken Santa..............try living THAT ONE down........and to fishbulb, in the chirp story, several of the people who made the comments were from Mass. Another guy who was so incensed by the comments that he posted their names,adresses, schools attended, sports programs....whereas I might dislike our president mightily, I don't need to pull out the race card. i dislike him because he is an idiot, not because he is black.......

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Are you not painting the Broons fans with the exact same 'wide brush' as you were painted??  Not sure how this is different from "well, he/she started it!"...Apparently many of the 'fans' posting on that twitter log weren't even from the Boston area or even Broons fans.Pointing the finger back smells awfully like sour grapes.

Did you even read what I wrote?

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