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NHL ratings on TV. What ifs

Miller Time


As hockey fans we all want good ratings in the NHL Obviously in the eyes of the public a NY vs LA final would have to be good in most sports. I do think it would be good, but would it be better than Philly or St Louis? I hope the ratings are good. I am very disgusted with ESPN for their dealings with the NHL> who needs ESPN anyway? If its a Rangers or Flyers vs Kings final it will be interesting to say the least. Just imagine Richards and Carter vs their old team. If Phoenix and LA both hold on for an upset I would pick the Kings to win but who knows. I still think Nashville or St Louis will make some noise at the very least. This is a very strange playoffs IMO. Time will tell.

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I think the league will have positive rating from most teams from the east in the finals. New Jersey might get the lowest viewership if they make the finals. The real problem will be the west, especially if a team like the Blues or the Coyotes (bottom feeders from the past few seasons and beyond) make the finals. Either of them against the Dev's for the cup might be the leagues only ratings downfall for potential matchups. Regardless, I know I'll be watching!

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