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Unsportsmanlike and Other Misconduct.



Okay, had a great time in the last game I reffed. Look folks, I usually love a blow out hockey game. They're even more appreciated when the game starts at 10:45pm. What is never called for is the running of mouths needlessly. It's one thing to communicate with your team mates. It's completely another, when you're the team up by 7 or 8 goals to continue to verbally abuse or taunt opponents and the officials.


In a 3 or 4 referee system, if you're pleading your case to a guy that doesn't have orange bands on, it's wasting your time. You'd likely be wasting your time anyway because once a ref has made up his mind you're not going to persuade him with your Jedi mind tricks.

Here's the rule so we're clear on this. Again, this is me attempting to give you the answers to the quiz so that you can stay in the game and not serve an unnecessary penalty. Yes, there are some penalties that arguably are necessary.

Rule 601 Abuse of Officials and Other Misconduct

(Note) For the enforcement of this rule, the following

guidelines shall apply.

A bench minor penalty shall be assessed for actions that

occur on or in the immediate vicinity of the player’s bench

(off the ice) or when the player in question is not readily

identifiable. Any unsportsmanlike conduct by a Team

Official would also warrant a bench minor penalty.

A minor penalty or misconduct penalty should be

assessed for actions that occur on the playing surface or in

the penalty bench area.

(a) A minor penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct shall be

assessed to any player who commits the following actions:

(1) Disputes the rulings of any official.

(2) Taunts or incites an opponent.

(3) Creates a disturbance during the game.

(4) Shoots the puck after the whistle, if in the opinion of

the Official such shot was avoidable.

A misconduct penalty shall be assessed to any player who

persists in such conduct and any further dispute by the same

player shall result in a game misconduct penalty being


(Note) If occurring after the game, the above actions shall be

initially penalized as a misconduct penalty.

So, basically, simply not doing what you're asked to do by the official can earn you a penalty. No where in here does it say you have to use profanity. Simply creating a disturbance in the game. This paints with a broad brush.

If you're standing at the referee crease, trying to explain the rules to us "officials" (which we actually read the book and that's where I copied and pasted the above rule from) and we ask you to go to your bench while we discuss penalty assessment, do it. If you don't, and you persist in standing there, demanding that you're the captain and that you have the right to be here and you have to know what's going on right then when we haven't ourselves discussed the penalty assessment yet. You're probably going to join your team mate in the box.

Just throwing it out there. I want to save you the time and heart ache. I also have no desire and take no pleasure in tossing you from the game and then ruining the rest of my evening typing up a report about your game misconduct. I'd rather take the time to write a blog post about it that is playful and mildly amusing. I don't want to have to do both.


I bet soccer refs wish they had a penalty box to stick guys in.

Here's the link to the rest of this blog post. If you care. http://worstrefeverstuff.blogspot.com/2011/11/number-19-white-unsportsmanlike.html


Recommended Comments

1) Referees are judge and jury...and they never make mistakes....gotcha.... ;)

2) Rule number 2...Never argue with an idiot, nobody will know who's who (see Koharski/Devorski/Auger).

All kidding aside, nobody ever appreciates(especially Flyer fans) the job that refs have to do and there are a few out there that give the rest a bad name. Now if we can do anything about those guys.......

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The funny thing is that when refs have a good game they aren't noticeable so we pay no attention.

It's the other-side when we notice the most.

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