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It Was Only a Matter of Time



blog-0094764001341341958.jpgDarcy Reiger pulled off the trade that Sabres fans have been waiting for since the end of the 2010-11 season. Derek Roy was traded to the Dallas Stars in exchange for Steve Ott and Adam Pardy. Roy has been on the trade block for almost a year and it was feared he was untradeable. Fans were fed with Roy's inconsistent play and lack of energy and hustle at times. He also never really seemed to be on the same page with Lindy Ruff in his entire time in Buffalo. The rift between the two was magnified at the end of this season when Roy voiced his displeasure with the way Ruff treated some of the players in the media.

On the other side of the coin Steve Ott is just the type of player the Sabres needed. Not John Scott who will play 15 games this season with an average ice time of 2 minutes. The Sabres needed to become a team that was not an easy night for the opponet. With Ott, Myers, Foligno, Regher, Kaleta, Tropp, McCormick, and to a lesser Scott, the Sabres are no longer a easy night. You can also include the possible size that Zegmus Girgensons might bring if he makes the roster. Ott averages 15 goals a season in his career in Dallas. I would take that production in a second from a third line role with Ott. However my main role would be for him to make the opponets night as unpleasent as possible. Don't want to forgot Adam Pardy who was basically the throw in on this deal. He makes the 9th NHL defenseman Buffalo has on the roster (Myers, Sekera, Weber, Leopold, Ehrhoff, Sulzer, Regher, Pardy, McNabb). Pardy will likely be placed in Rochester as depth, however with the log jam on the blue I have to think another move is coming.

Quickly on Roy, I think he will do well in Dallas. He is in a contract year and needed a change of scenery. He will be surrounded by talent with Erkisson, Ryder, Benn, and Whitney. No reason why he can't have another 70 point season if he plays the game right. He just was no longer a fit in Buffalo.

So like the rest of the NHL world I will go back to banging my head off my desk waiting for Parise and Suter to pick a new home. Getting rather annoying these two are holding up the entire offseason, I know it is a hard choice, but come on already. It's an unlikely scenerio, but if both go back to Nashville/NJ at this point I might explode.

Also off topic I finally joined the twitter world to deal with my addiction for NHL rumors/entertainment @CP1010 if you want to follow.

D Roy's last memory in Buffalo...


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Ott is a tremendous addition for Buffalo. Really looking forward to him as a Sabre, 78 times a year :-)

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Outside looking in (red wings fan no axe to grind) I think this is a horrible deal for Buffalo. Roy is a 70 point a year player, top six forward.Undersized and streaky but 70-80 point potential year in year out. Ott is a fantastic faceoff man who scores 35-40 points a year and takes too many stupid penalties. Pardy is a seventh d man, responsible in his own zone who offers zero offensively.

I dont get it. Buffalo was pushed around a bit last year, (think Milan Lucic) but the biggest problem was scoring. They should have renamed the team the Buffal Sabres because there was no 'o' (Groan). No offense doomed this team, and they just traded a top six forward for a third line center IMO. I watch western conference hockey constantly, Ott is a Sean Avery without the headcase mentality.

Not denigrating your team. Hodgson and Ennis will be your top two centers, both have nice upside. Any team with Ryan Miller has to be taken seriously. Just dont think this deal was a good one for you guys.

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@yave1964 from outsider it is hard to see how this works. However this is a perfect example of addition by subtraction. Roy was a problem in the locker and did not get a long wit Lindy Ruff. Two years ago when the Sabres made their crazy run to get into the playoffs the run started after Roy went out. Players were telling reporters off the record that they were going go on a run now after Roy went out. Old players also told stories of how Roy would say in scrums "calm down it's just a game". Another example a few years ago during after a players only meeting to say they need to be more focused off the ice Roy went and handed out invites to a toga party. Does this move make them better? Yes and no. Scoring wise no, but grit and size wise yes. If this is the only move Buffalo makes all season it's a failed offseason. If they bring in another center then it is a success.

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Wow, knew Roy was a bit of a trouble maker, didnt know the extent. Thanks.

And let me make it clear, I like Ott. Third liner who is a faceoff specialist, has improved some facet of his game or another every year. His intensity has caused him to draw bad penalties at the wrong time though, and he provides 3rd line offense, if he is a top six forward you are in big trouble.

I like your top three Wings, was hoping Detroit would make a pitch and acquire Stafford at the deadline. Leino was a poor signing who you guys are stuck with, but I LOVED the Hodgson trade for you guys last year. I agree, you guys need another center, though I do love Ennis and Hodgsons upside so I could see the team going into the season with your current bunch of forwards and a wait and see how it pans out attitude..

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I read today that Roy will have shoulder surgery and will not be able to play till some time in November if all goes well. Which makes me wonder why Dallas would even accept this deal?

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@hf101 ya I read that too. Im 99% sure a player has to pass a physical and that the injury was disclosed to Dallas or I would think the deal would be voided. Kind of a head scratcher from the Stars view. Although if there's a lockout maybe this won't matter if the season starts in late November or December. Hope not.

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Thanks, I've been scratching my head at all of the off season moves the Stars have made this season.

Anyway I think Ott will make a significant difference to the Sabres this season he takes the place of Gaustad with more of a threat to score. I think trading Roy allows more minutes for either Ennis or Adam on a scoring line.

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The stars moves have been confusing. First trading Ribeiero for elkins looked like they were going for a youth movement, then acquiring Jagr, Whitney and Roy, looks like they are looking for a senior discount on air travel. But unlike my beloved Red Wings at least they did something rather than watch from the damn sidelines.

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