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Why Montreal needs Alex Semin & more



blog-0155406001343250427.jpgFirst and foremost, let me explain something.

I decided to come back here to talk hockey. Not fight battles about my past. I'm not going to respond to negativity. No if, and's or but's. If you feel the need to be an internet warrior and attack me about my mistakes, you can go ahead. I am not going to retaliate. If you don't like me, do not read my blogs, do not comment on my blogs, do not message me, do not talk to me in the shoutbox. For this reason, I am refraining myself from participating in shout box conversation. It's as simple as that guys. I'm doing quite fine on my own as it is, whether you believe me about my job title or not, it really does not matter to me in the slightest bit. Because, at the end of the day, when it matters, I come home from my dream job to my dream girl, and I come here to talk hockey. Why? Because it's my passion. Hockey is what I live for, and I'm not going to let certain people on this website rain on my parade.

Anyways, now that that is off my chest, let's talk some Habs!

We need Alex Semin. Why? Take a look

LW - Rene Bourque C - Tomas Plekanec RW - Brian Gionta

LW - Max Pacioretty C - David Desharnais RW- Erik Cole

The above is the Habs' top 6. And, one of these things is not like the others. Rene Bourque was acquired from Calgary from the now infamous January 5th "Cammalleri Trade" along with Patrick Holland and a pick. Bourque was acquired to hit, fight, and score, all while playing top line minutes with Plekanec. He did none of that. His 1 fighting major with Montreal came in a game against The Washington Capitals, when Washington players were looking for retribution on Bourque for the hit that concussed their team mate Nick Backstrom earlier in the season. He scored 4 goals and added an assist, along with 9 hits.

Alex Semin is a player with elite talent that Montreal hasn't had since the man known as Cammy was traded half way through a game with the Boston Bruins. He'd fit nicely on Montreal's first line along with Plekanec and Gionta.

Listen, I'm not saying Montreal needs to offer him a 14 year 110 million dollar deal, but try to sign the guy at 1-2 years at a cap hit of say, 6 million. He busts, don't resign him. He succeeds with a new team, sign him long term. It's really as simple as that. Though I'm not sure Montreal has been in contact with Semin, I am sure that Montreal has at least had a serious conversation about the idea of bringing him in. You may say he has off ice problems that would only magnify in Montreal. But, you're forgetting who our new coach is. Michel Therrien is a no excuse, no B.S coach that fixed Evgeni Malkin and helped shaped him into the player he is today. Why couldn't he do the same with Semin in Montreal?

Just some food for the mind.

Glad to be back,


P.S Just wondering if you guys would like to see another Trade Wars If so, let me know and I'll ask HF101 about it.

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What's the chances Galchenyuk or Gallagher make the roster and play on the second line?

I'm not a Semin fan, and although he can put up some numbers, I don't think his style of play blends well in that mix. But maybeTherrien can make it all work, I think Semin is a better fit in Detroit with an established structured system.

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@hf101, Galchenyuk will likely play another season in Sarnia. But, I'm hoping Gallagher can crack the squad, but he won't break up the 2nd line and he's too small to play on the 1st line... 3rd line is a possibility but its a log jam back there.. I think a season or two in Hamilton is in order for Gallagher.

As for Semin, I like him as a player. Soft hands and a great skater, unbelievable shot. Definitely a step up from Bourque.

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I see what your saying. Not a lot of talented forwards remain either. Wonder if a team will take a chance on Fehr? Any chance of bringing Andrei Kostitsyn back?

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When such a skilled player has problems look to see what them. Playing for Montreal is turf city and team to play with high standards. Sometimes the high standards get in the way of playing the game.

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