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My one and only lockout blogpost



I'm tired of reading about the lockout. It is just fueling my continued hatred for the way things work in this league. So here is my one and only blog post until all of this ridiculous crap is over.

Regardless of whether there are games this season or not, I will not be buying tickets, merch, gamecenter live, etc. from the NHL for this season or next. I suggest you do the same. The reason this lockout has been drawn out so long is because the NHL and NHLPA know that whenever hockey does resume, the fans will come back. The numbers pre and post lockout last time around were consistent. No dropoff. I'm sure the NHL will resume eventually but if the fans don't send a message that hits owners and the players association where it hurts, they will just do the same childish games as before, fighting over ridiculous amounts of money and being greedy **********. Next time around they will do the same stuff, and we'll be back here again. They need to be reminded that we, the fans, are the fuel the keeps this fire burning and if they continue to screw us around, we're not gonna take it. Make them know it was a conscious effort on our part to cut them off for a while, feel the sting of not having a loyal fanbase. Let them know that if we're not there, they're done for. Dry up the arenas, the parking lots, the merchandise stores until they guarantee to the fans, the people who are truly responsible for the success (and potential failure) of this league that this will NEVER happen again. We won't be treated like we don't matter. We know what we're worth, and WE don't take it for granted, even though THEY might.

See you all on opening night, whenever the hell that may be...

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