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Can it Get Any Worse?



blog-0293625001324341429.jpgMan is it tough to be a Buffalo sports fan. Lets jump into the time machine and go back to October the Sabres were in first place and were only down 2 players. The Bills were also in first place and 5-2. Now back to reality the Sabres cling to the 7th seed with a one point lead on the 9th place team and the Bills have lost 7 straight to drop to 5-9, making it 12 years without NFL playoffs. Welcome to the life of a Buffalo sports fan. Life goes on.

The Sabres seemed to be on the upswing after a good 5-4 win over the Leafs Friday in the FN Center and then Saturday came. Miller and Enroth decided they didn't want to stop pucks. The first Pens goal beat Miller from outside the blue line and was followed by two more softees. Enroth then entered and decided to let in a goal that a 10 year old could of stopped off the stick of Malkin. Re-enter Miller in the 2nd period and he gives up two more and re-enter Enroth who also gives up two more. In all gets you to a 8-3 throttle at the hands of the Penguins. I really can't jump on the D or offense that game was all on the goalies. Terrible goal after terrible goal just sucks the life out of the team. No other excuses could be used this game the Pens played the night before and were missing better players than the Sabres were missing from their lineup. It gets worse though the Sabres lost 2 maybe 3 more players due to injury. Colin Stuart and Tyler Ennis left with lower body injuries, Vanek left early but did return to finish the game with a upper body injury.

So since were on the topic of injuries lets recap. Ennis, Leino, Myers, Boyes, Stuart, Tropp, Gerbe, Hecht, and Kaleta will all miss Tuesday's game in Ottawa. Vanek is probable, but nothing is 100%. The Sabres have recalled Foligno and Whitmore to fill in for the injured forwards and the forward barrel is empty in Rochester. The next possible player that could be called up for forward is Kevin Sundher who signed his entry level contract over the weekend and is playing for the WHL for the Victoria Royals. Yikes. Let's paint it in a different picture if you still can't see how bad it is. Here are the lines from practice today:




Boyes (non-contact)-Gragnani

Yea they can't even field 4 lines and Gragnani is a defenseman who struggles playing that position. Also the Sabres made the mistake of playing poorly in front of the owner in his home city of Pittsburgh. Pegula was quoted saying after the game a few interesting statements. One being that his daughter could of played better goaltending and that "If they think they played well tonight we have a problem". I think it's safe to say the owner is getting a little tired of this. He didn't build Hockey Heaven with his own money for lackluster play. The hammer may be waiting to fall here, I smell a trade soon if this doesn't turn around.

Pregame coming tomorrow.


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It tough that they're injured but you have to look at your GM and see if he's done a good job with depth and the farm system. Very few teams have good depth and this is where good GMS and great GMs differ.

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I can't really blame Darcy on not having enough depth. I mean both Buffalo and Rochester have injury problems and when your down to junior players nobody can prepare for that.

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So what is the deal with Brad Boyes? After the trade last spring he was nearly a point per game......and now banished to the fourth line?

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No Boyes was actually playing his best hockey as a Sabres before he got hurt. He was on the PP and back to a point per game guy he was centering Vanek and Pommer for a game or two and then sprained his ankle. He just practiced on the "4th line" because he isn't playing tonight.

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