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Roasted Duck for Dinner?



The first game back home from long road trip is always dangerous as the Hawks are back at the Madhouse after a successful 4-0-2 roadtrip. Usually the last game of a long road swing and the first game coming back home are difficult challenges. The first half of the challenge was a success and now the Hawks need to take care of the second half. There will be no doubt that an eager crowd will be on hand at the Madhouse on Madison to welcome back the boys in the Indian Crest sweaters.

All of you diehard Hawk fans already know that the Hawks have not suffered a regulation loss in their first 12 games. Interestingly, tonight's opponent the Ducks, set the NHL record by not losing in regulation during the opening 16 games of the 2006 campaign. Not to count the chickens before they hatch, but the Ducks won Lord Stanley's Cup that season. A bit of déjà vu? Maybe.

The Hawks still have a lot room for improvement especially against bigger, more physical teams, especially those who can also skate and/or clog up the neutral zone. The Ducks, 6-2-1 in their last 10 games are a bigger, physical team with a lot of skill on its top two lines and I expect the Hawks to have their hands full. Speaking of improvement, lets talk faceoffs for a moment because everyone not named Toews or Mayers is getting murdered. Hey Q, can we get this fixed?

The Hawks have only played 2 games at the Madhouse this season to date so its critical that the Hawks take advantage of home ice and bring home some additional W's.

Did you know:

1) The Crow is 7-0-2 with a 1.62 gaa and .935 save percentage.

2) Sharp is barely cracking 2 shots per game, and his career average is over 3.5.

3) Make it a five-game goal-scoring streak for Kaner, whose nine goals and 10 assists trail only the Sabre’s Thomas Vanek (11 goals, 12 assists) for the NHL’s points lead.

4) Leddy and Frolik have been held with out a point in the last 6 games. With that said, both are playing well, especially on the PK.

Tonight's expected Hawks lineup


Saad Tazer Big Hoss

Sharpie Rat Kaner

Bicks Shaw Stalberg

Krugs Mayers Frolik


Seabs Keith

Hammer O-do-ya

Rozsival Leddy


The Crow

Lets go HAWKS!


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