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Christmas Eve



My nine year old has a game on Christmas Eve. She told me that "you don't have to go.". But, I know that she'll look for me in the stands. And, more importantly, I want to be there.

Her Dad and his brother always had games on Christmas Eve. We made our holiday plans accordingly. I had a stash of badges, souveneir hockey sticks or whatever to exchange for gifts Sometimes, those games were in a Montreal suburb. We'd approach the Champlain bridge, see all the lights and drive into that brightness. It was magical fun.

Some people, (my in-laws) would tut-tut over games played on Christmas Eve. To me, it just added to the joy.

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It's a time to be happy and make others happy.

Christmas seems to have been twisted so badly into presents. A few of my co-workers are so broke because they have been buying presents for their kids to the point that they don't have money for gas. We've been brainwashed to think that if we don't get them the latest and greatest.....

I'd take a game on Christmas Eve, a movie on Christmas day and pizza and beers Christmas Night.

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IMHO, the youth hockey leagues shouldn't be scheduling games for Christmas eve, (after 4:00pm) or Christmas day. Christmas shouldn't be about making money for the ice rinks. Families shouldn't have to make decisions to alter their holiday traditions to appease the rinks desire to make an extra buck, because the ice surface is available.

Society has lost sight of the true meaning of Christmas.

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