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Be Gone: The Ryan White Edition



blog-0553461001362539147.jpgThe image to the left perfectly sums up Ryan White's season.

White is a gritty player. He hits, goes to the net, goes to the corners, sticks up for his team mates. Sounds like a great 4th line player correct?

No. Ryan White has about as much discipline as a 3 year old child.

I will go on a limb here, and quote me, but Ryan White is responsible for atleast half of the Habs' 10 losses this season, including tonight's 6-3 loss against the Islanders. The Habs were heading into the 2nd period with a head full of steam after scoring the first goal of the game early. The Isles recovered and tied the game, but it was fairly obvious who the better team was. 10 minutes into the second period, Alexei Emelin takes a dumb penatly and the Isles once again tie it up, 2-2. Off the next faceoff, Ryan White takes an even dumber cross checking penalty. Totally un-needed. Hey, what do you know! The Isles take the lead, and eventually take the game 6-3. Carey Price wasn't as sharp as he needed to be, but is it totally his fault? I'd say about 75-25.

White faced the media after a game in Buffalo, when the Sabres scored while he was in the penalty box, then tied the game with 1.9 seconds left. The Sabres went on to win in the shootout.

White received a double-minor penalty for roughing after he took issue with a check by Sabres forward Steve Ott and tried unsuccessfully to get him to fight.

“I thought he was taking a shot at my knees and I didn’t like it, so I guess I put myself in front of the team,” said White.

White has taken costly penalties in games against Toronto (x2), Ottawa, Buffalo, and now Rhode Island.

I looked into it, White is on a 1 way deal. IMO, put him on waivers (you'd have to be am idiot, or Holmgren [;)] to take him) send him down to the minors, teach this clown a lesson and when he's ready to not take any dumb penalties, He can come back. I would say put him the press box, but that didn't work, Therrien already tried that.

Hopefully this guy turns it around, I used to like him as a player before this season, but now I catch myself crossing my fingers, mumbling under my breath, praying that he won't take a bad penalty, every time he's on the ice.

Happy hockey,


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He is an RFA at the end of the season, it will be interesting to see what the Canadiens choose to do. I think if they feel he can learn to become disciplined they will keep him.

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