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Surprised by Last Night's Outcome?



Not me… just ask Carole (my wife).

Here's some thoughts on the Blackhawks 4-3 shootout loss to the Blues last night.

Once again for the fourth straight home game, the Blackhawks collapsed again in the 3rd period. In my opinion, there are two causes. The first is that the bigger, physical teams wear the Hawks down by out hitting them taking the Hawks off their game. (How many times have you heard me say this?) Second is the failed powerplay that has blown chow for the past three years and Stan did not address on "Dud" Day (that’s Trade Day for all you young hockey players). Yesterday, Stan had the ballz to stand up in front of the media to exclaim that the organ-i-zation is satisfied with the chemistry and the make up of this Blackhawk team to win the Cup. Stan what the hell are you smoking? Stan you don’t' have a 2nd line center and the power play is dog crap! Be prepared Hawks fans for a depressing playoff run. I hope I am wrong.

Back to last night… The Blues did what all teams do to give the Hawks trouble, had their forwards hard on the forecheck and pummeled the Hawk defensemen to cough up pucks, especially in the 3rd. Speaking of the Blackhawk defense, overall each pairing had breakdowns here and there. And by the way Duncs, were your skates sharpened last night? You went down 3 times in open ice with no one around you! Also Roszival, you have to be more careful with offensive zone gambles. You gambled by attempting to dump the puck deep in the offensive zone, only to have the dump in cutoff and just like that …the Blue's Cracknell scores his 2nd goal of the night and his 2nd of the season. And did anyone else notice how slow and lost Bolland looked last night? Thankfully the Blackhawks play at 2pm tomorrow against the Preds in a home in home series in which they should take both games. Note, I said, "should".

Some positives from last night…

Hey, Michal Handzus might help this club a lil bit as someone other than Tazer won faceoffs and he placed his big body in front of the net. Also if Stalberg had not scored, Zus was planted in front of the net and would have banged it in. Captain Tazer had a great game and how about the Man Child having another great game and he has an 8 game point streak. And lets not forget Big Hoss with that shootout blast!

Did you know??? The Blackhawks have not allowed a goal in OT in the last 21 games that have gone to the extra session.

Regarding Nashville game tomorrow… Sharpie and Bolland are out.


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