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Time for the Blackhawks to get a lil Ghetto!



(First, my apologies to the Forum as I have only been posting on Facebook page as I have been travelling and busy with work.)

The Minnesota Wild probably played the best game they had to this past Sunday. They were physical and took it to the Blackhawks right from the outset. Heading into Game 4 the Mighty Blackhawks, a team that put together such an epic regular season, lead their quarterfinal series versus the Wild 2-1 but barely. Jason Zucker did not miss in game 3 scoring the game winning goal in OT. He did miss in OT in game 1 hitting the crossbar and had he buried that shot, this series could easily be 2-1 for the Wild right now. Bottom line, the Blackhawks got what they deserved on Sunday as the Wild were definitely the hungrier team.

Going into tonight's action, I’d like Captain Serious, Big Hoss and Seabs (now know as Sea Biscuit) to start playing some darn hockey. I can't recall the last time Biscuit was knocked on his azz in a game as much as he was in Game 3. Biscuit you need a tissue? You're 225lbs so get a lil ghetto on somebody! Speaking of going ghetto, I expect CarBomb to be in the line up tonight. I know he will go ghetto on the Wild. Hey CarBomb start with that tool Clutterbuck will ya? (BTW just what the hell is a Clutterbuck?) Further, I'd like for Captain Serious to end his four-game playoff streak without a single point tonight (credit the Wild for silencing the Captain too). Hoss? Hoss? or should I say Bueller? Bueller? Come on Big Hoss shoot the damn puck and stop trying to get cute! Lastly, I’d like for the power play, which possesses that same other-worldly offensive talent, yet with a man advantage at that, be better than 1 for 9 in the series. Come on boyz, I know you can do it!

Oh yeah, I’d like it if the Blackhawks won Game 4 on tonigh to save me from being insanely pee-oh'd when I sit in my seat for Game 5 at the Madhouse on Thursday.

Expected lines for Game 4 are:

Saad-Tazer-Big Hoss





Duncs & Hammer

Seabs & O-do-ya

Rozsival & Ledpipe


The Crow

A few additional comments…

- Captain Serious scored his 1st playoff hat trick and added 2 assists on this date in 2010 against Vancouver in a 7-4 win

- Zus, who centers for Sharpie and Kaner, also had a tough game 3 in the faceoff circle losing 11 of 16.

- Outside of a questionable OT, the Crow bailed out his teammates several times. The game 3 loss should not overshadow his effort.



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