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State of The Franchise



blog-0855821001368307548.jpgBesides from having one of the most handsome GM's in the league (that title belongs to Jay Feaster), The Montreal Canadiens are in a very good position right now, 2 days after being embarrassed, albeit by a very good Ottawa Senators team, Marc Bergevin will likely be announced as 1 of the 3 candidates for NHL GM of the Year.

After all, he has turned around this franchise. This time last year, the future of the Canadiens looked almost grim. They were fresh off finishing 15th in the East, and uncertainty was not uncommon.

Bergevin has had a little help from his friends, Rick Dudley, Michel Therrien and co., plus some stable leadership with the return of captain Brian Gionta, Andrei Markov, and off season additions Frankie Boullion and Brandon Prust.

P.K Subban put up stellar numbers, has drastically changed his attitude while gaining trust from his team mates, and as of now an official candidate for the Norris Trophy, which most say he has a very good chance of winning.

Before his mid-April slump, Carey Price was back to playing Vezina calibre hockey this year. He was almost super human for most of the season, quietly putting up pretty decent numbers.

Add an influx of young talent, Brendan Gallagher, who is an official candidate for the Calder Trophy (a whole blog in itself) and budding superstar Alex Galchenyuk, and you've got a pretty good hockey team.

Did the Canadiens over-achieve this year? Yes. Majorly. I have a hard time believing this team, the one who a year ago, just narrowly missing a shot at the #1 overall pick, finished first in a stacked (ya, I said it) North East division. Do I believe they can do it on a consistent basis the next 3 years? No. But I hope they can. The emergence of the Sens and the Leafs, and the heavyweight of the North East, the Bruins, will only be a hurdle for them, Give this team time, and I believe they will be a Stanley Cup winner. Heck, I will even give a year. 2016. 2016 will be the year the Habs will win the Stanley Cup. I'm going on record.

Happy Hockey,


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Add the perennial Redwings to that list. Do you think Subban's late contract signing will affect Bergevin's chance to win GM of the Year?

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