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Blackhawks vs Wings! Game 3!



Well DougieFresh got his graduation (from UW Whitewater) gift this past Sunday, a Red Wing victory. Sorry Lil Bud, but tonight the Mighty Blackhawks get back in the Win Column.

First, I missed some of Game 2 due to DougieFresh's graduation. Although the Red Wings gave him a present Saturday, I must give credit to the Red Wings. From what little bit of the game I saw, they showed up with intensity and brought their legs. The Blackhawks appeared as if they weren't ready or at least weren't ready for what the Wings threw at them in the second and third periods. In my opinion, the boyz in the Indian Crest could have used more speed, piss and vinegar and a little less waiting for a pretty play to develop. When you review the game stats, half of Blackhawk's shots came from the line of Tazer, Big Hoss and Saad. This would certainly indicates not all of the Hawk's put in a strong performance. Yes, the Red Wings played a major part in that and as a result, I expect Q to have the boyz ready tonight to bring the home ice advantage back to the Madhouse. Now that the series has become a best-of-five and both teams have exhibited some of their best hockey of the season, let alone the playoffs, I expect tonight's game to be even better coming down to the Blackhawks power play. That unit needs to respond at some point in this series and tonight will be the night. Oh yeah, welcome back to the lineup Stalberg, hopefully your benching has fired you up. Also, I expect Bollie to be placed back on the second line with Sharpie and Kaner, both who are fast players and need someone with speed to keep up with them instead of having Zus trailing every sequence. The way to beat Detroit is with speed and pace and the last time I checked that is not one of Handzus’s strengths. The real Red Wings are now in the series. Now the Hawks need to adjust and step up. I assure you Q will make the adjustments and the boyz in the Indian Crest will be ready.

Expected lines for tonight's Game 3 are:

Saad - Tazer - Big Hoss

Kaner - Bollie - Sharpie

Bicks - Shawzie - Stalberg



Duncs & Hammer

Sea Biscuit & Ledpipe O-do-ya

Rozsival & O-do-ya


The Crow

A few additional comments…

- Captain Serious is in an eight-game playoff slump that dates to last year. He has just three goals combined in three postseasons since scoring seven goals to help the Blackhawks win the Cup in 2010.


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