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Red Wings vs Blackhawks - Game 5



Wow what a let down! <This is along read sorry I babble on here>

We may want to hold off a bit on those “DE-TROIT SUCKS!” chants during Game 5 at the Madhouse tomorrow.

Blackhawk fans begged, we pleaded, we hoped for the classic Chicago-Detroit playoff meeting before the Wings dart off to the Eastern Conference next season. Not just because of nostalgia, but because the Blackhawks were far and away the better team in terms of talent and overall depth. But something happened along the way.

The Blackhawks failed to win in the Motor City and there are numerous reasons why. The Captain is so frustrated its painful to watch. Zetterberg is making his life a living hell, and Tazer is wilting. Give Zetterberg credit, he deserves it, he got under Tazers skin that he took three consecutive penalties. Other evidence of Tazer wilting is on the 2-on-1 in the third period where he attempted to pass it off rather than taking the clear path to the net, deke and fire the puck past Howard like he normally would. It really is a sad thing to watch, and he knows he needs to step up his game if the Hawks are going to have any chance in hell of coming back in this series.

Additionally, after reviewing the stats from last night, I’m in shock that Nick Leddy played only 8:38. I mean Q what the hell is going on? Sea Biscuit played just over 12 minutes and the Rat (Bolland) played less than 13 minutes. Did anyone see Big Hoss on the ice last night? I don’t know if the minutes will look like that in Game 5, but the one thing I don’t understand is trading Leddy’s PP time for Rozsival. Rozsival… YOU SUCK!

How bout that Blackhawk power play??? Who's to blame for this crap? The players? Hey Blackhawks if there’s no cute play or smart way to set up upon entering the zone, chip the puck deep, skate and go get it. For the last 3 years or so, the Hawks have continually struggled when an opponent stacks their blueline or forces them to the perimeter. The Pens have 6-7 different power play schemes why don't the Blackhawks? Q? Q? Q? How many do the Blakchawks have?

By the way Q, what planet are you on? I never bought into the power play troubles were on Haviland who was fired at the end of last season he was a Tallon guy, its that simple. Not sure how much Kompon has to do with this mess but Q controls everything. He has stated such. The Hawks got a power play with 4:45 left in the game. They had problems getting the puck in the zone and couldn't even get a damn shot on goal. Haviland was Q's scapegoat last year, what's his excuse now? Is it Duncs? He is a great defenseman five on five or killing penalties, but he is completely inept on the point on the power play. He can’t hit the broad side of a barn with his shot and is shaky when defenders attack him at the point, when this is happens he makes bad puck decisions and chokes up the puck like a baby choking up a baby jar of prunes. And yes Keith's diaper is purple too after he chokes up the puck. Hey Q, the power play has almost zero net front presence, remember a guy called Big Buff?

I had no problem with the acquisition of Handzus. None what so ever at the time but I wanted more at the trade deadline… a second line center, another physical winger etc. But to think Handzus could possibly fill the gaping hole on the 2nd line that’s been there for 3+ years, or skate more than 8-10 minutes a game in any role was foolish and arrogant on Stan's part. Worse still, to think an aging Zus was all the roster needed for the postseason was complete stupidity. One has to wonder if Stan has any new twists to his now annual “we underachieved in the playoffs” speech. Because barring a significant change in attitude, fortune and results tomorrow night, Bowman will be giving that speech on Monday as the boyz in the Indian Crest clear out their lockers. Could it be his last time of giving that speech? Wait and see because maybe the fingers will point to Coach Q and his coaching staff again, holding them accountable as well. Who knows.

For the Blackhawks, Game 7 is Saturday and a win is necessary to get it to another Game 7 and then another.

I suppose some will Scott your just frustrated, and some may say keep calm and believe in the Mighty Blackhawks. For some reason I am really struggling with that right now.

Thanks for reading.


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