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Recap of Game 7 and Here Come the Kings!



I am still a bit numb from watching the last minutes of the Game 7 and the OT, wow what a finish! With the beloved Blackhawks sending the Red Wings to the links and the Eastern Conference, one must ask themselves, does this series victory erase all the past nightmares from previous series lost to the Scum? No, of course not. However its sweet to know that the end of the Hawks - Wings Western Conference rivalry will forever be known as Seventh Heaven as Brent Freaking Seabrook buried a shot over Howards glove after being partially deflected by Kronwall. Not only was Howard Bickell'D in the series, he was Kronwall'D too! There’s no other way to say it.

Did I think it would happen? No. Not after being down 3-1 in the series and not after referee Steve Walkom waved off the orginal Game 7 winning goal scored by Hammer. Oh by the way…for those of you that did not know this, a bouquet of roses was delivered to the Blackhawk dressing room late Wednesday night. It was addressed to Seabs, with a note that read: "Mr. Seabrook, thanks for bailing my dumb ass out. Best Regards and Good Luck , Steve Walkom."

Let me get this off my chest now... If anyone can tell me what Brandon Saad did to earn a coincidental minor to cancel out Hammer's winner, I’m right here, come get me! The includes you Steve Walkom! It doesn't matter what the rule book says about the appropriateness of whistling the play dead on co-incidental minors. The issue I have is your (Walkom's) arm should have gone up for a Detroit minor: no whistle (it was stuck in your ass), good goal, game and series over. I mean getting thrown into the bench? Getting punched from members on the Scum's bench? Then getting thrown to the ice like Brock Lesnar's girlfriend? I mean WTH?

Next up for the boyz in the Indian Crest are the 2012 Stanley Cup Champions, the LA Kings. My immediate reaction is to pick the Mighty Blackhawks in 7 games. Get the ice packs ready as Clubber Lang and I expect a lot of "pain" in this series (that’s more physical for all you young hockey players).

Today's morning skate had the following lines:

Big Hoss - Captain Serious - Bicks

Kaner - Zus - Sharpie

Stalberg - Shawzie - Lesnar's Beyotch (Saad)

Frolik - Bollie - Krugs

Lastly, Stanley Cup Playoff tix went on sale at noon today and were sold out in 3 minutes! Enjoy the game(s) for those of you that scored tix.

More to come. Thanks for reading.



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