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Recap of Game 2 and onto LA for Game 3



OH-EM-GEE, Jonathan Quick is human after all. The reigning Conn Smythe winner allowed more than three goals for the first time in 35 playoff games as the boyz in the Indian Crest jumped out to a 4-0 lead at the Madhouse Sunday night. In all the visions I’ve had of this series in my own mind, not one of them contained Jonathan Quick getting pulled from a game. Sutter had seen enough and he was pulled after 30 minutes of play in an effort to spark his team which did not help but to possibly save Quick's confidence. Blackhawk fans the 2013 Western Conference Final is far from over but with that said, the Mighty have a 2-0 series lead. It feels good now, but there’s such a long way to go and there is no time for complacency.

Sooo, to tonight's game 3… . The Blackhawks better expect the Kings to be coming out onight like a California wildfire Tuesday. The Kings have been here before as they trailed the St Louis 2-0 before disposing the Blues. Look for the Kings to be energized by their fans and hitting everything in sight wearing a white jersey. If the Hawks can weather it for the first 10 minutes of period 1, I believe they can be victorious again, the key is to try to avoid getting down a goal or two in the first, maybe even grab one themselves, and continue to outskate the Kings, beating them to pucks and forcing them to chase. The odds favor the Kings tonight as they are 7-0 at the Staples Center this postseason and they have a 14-0 run dating back through the late regular season. The boyz in the Indian Crest would love nothing else than to put a 1 in that loss column, and extend their Western Conference Final series lead to 3-0. If the Mighty take this game, obviously it would be huge in terms of taking a stranglehold on the series.

Tonight's expected Lines:

Big Hoss - Captain Serious - Bicks

Kaner - Zus - Sharpie

Stalberg - Shawzie - Saad

Frolik - Bollie - Krugs


Duncs - Sea Biscuit

Hammer - O-do-ya

Rozsival - Ledpipe


The Crow

A few last comments…

- Kudos go out to Crow who stood up for his Captain when the Kings Kyle Clifford took exception to land few cheap shots on the Captain's chin. Q's assessment of Crow in that situation… "Spontaneous combustion. Sometimes you can't forecast or predict that stuff"

- Mike Richards appears to still have concussion-like symptoms that were a result of an uncoordinated hit by Bolland in Game 1 and is questionable

Thanks for reading.



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