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They Are Laughing At You...What Will You Do?



The rest of the hockey world is laughing at you, the Pittsburgh Penguins.

They say that the ALL STAR team assembled in Pittsburgh, stock full of Hall of Fame like talent is an elite bunch of brats and when crunch time comes, they fold like an old picnic table.

After watching the first two games of the series against the Bruins, where it seems like the Penguins are more intent on out hitting the Bruins than they are on out playing them, I have to agree with the assessment.

So far...this is embarrassing.

The question is...Penguins...what are you going to do about it?

It's not a stretch to say that what happens next to this group of players is potentially CAREER DEFINING.

Manage to scratch and claw your way back into this series and people will HAVE to respect you.

Play two more games like the first two and it will be at least another whole year before you'll have the chance to redeem yourself...and the weight of this performance will be a heavy one to carry...perhaps too heavy for certain individuals.

Now is the time when the true character of the player is shown.

Back in 1991 the Penguins faced a similar situation against the Bruins and Kevin Stevens (and a few others) stood up and said enough. They turned an 0-2 series deficit into a 4-2 series win.

Say what you will about Stevens troubles off the ice...the guy that played the game was all about the character necessary to succeed on the ice.

These Penguins face an even more daunting task because these Bruins are better than those 1991 Bruins. These Bruins (essentially) have won a Cup.

But isn't that what real character is all about?

Facing the toughest situation and finding a way to deal with it?

The challenge is there for every coach and player within the organization. The Bruins are beating you and making it look bad. Your ideas about how to beat them are not


It's time for radical changes in the approach.

It's time for serious ego checks at the door.

It's time to decide how important winning is and make sure you put your players and teammates in the best position to do that come Wednesday night.

You want the laughing to stop?

Make it stop.

It's not up to anyone else but you.

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Never really thought the problem is/was chemistry. Personally think it's either A) being told to do the wrong things or B) being told to do something good but doing the wrong things. Seems like these Pens now look just like the Pens that lost to the Flyers last year. Some part of that is what the players do on their own but I also gotta believe that a "we'll win 1-0" approach would have served them a whole lot better in game 2 than what it appeared they were trying to do.

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Nice read - IceDog

I think some of the problem is the Penguins really were not used to playing well under pressure, thus making some wrong decisions on the ice. They also changed up their winning game plan to play more physical...which backfired.

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