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Welcome to my Blog!



blog-0971567001380914883.jpgHello there. Welcome to my blog.

First, a little background on myself. My name is Jordan, I live in a small town in Central Wisconsin I am currently 21 years old. I have been playing hockey since I was roughly 4 years old. Thanks in large part to my dad, I now live and breathe historic hockey. My main area of studying historic hockey is goaltending however, I venture into other positions as well. I currently play hockey here in my town as part of pick-up type of hockey.

Second order of business is to share with you the point of my blog. I would like to share some of the wonderful hockey knowledge I have learned though my own studies. I mostly specialize in 1950-1990 hockey, whether it be the NHL, the WHA, National teams, or other leagues. I have always had a fascination with anything to do with this period in hockey and I am learning new things everyday. My goal is to inform people who would like to know about this significant chunk in hockey history. The game took on many changes and evolved considerably and I think it's important to share knowledge with others about it. I certainly welcome questions and differing view points. I hope you enjoy what I have to write and hope you enjoy my future blog posts.



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