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NHL: Trade Talk - St. Louis asks for Trade!




NHL Trade Talk: February 26, 2014

St. Louis Wants Trade to New York

- Martin St. Louis has admitted that he was hurt by not being selected to Team Canada in 2010, but when he was snubbed again by his general manager Steve Yzerman for the second time this year, he was openly upset. St. Louis was later added to the team because of an injury, and went on to win a gold medal. Most people thought that this was a dead issue, including myself. Upon returning from Sochi, Russia St. Louis reportedly met with Yzerman and asked for a trade to the New York Rangers. St. Louis is not openly admitting this but did say that he has talked to Yzerman, and that he was not denying that a move was asked for. This situation is very unfortunate. St. Louis is a great player and a huge part of the Tampa organization. If in fact he did demand a trade, and also demanded it was to the New York Rangers this will make it very difficult for Yzerman. There is no way that Tampa Bay will want Ryan Callahan in this deal. They will be in no position to give him his asking price, and will not give up St. Louis for a rental player. I honestly do not see St. Louis being moved. There is no way Yzerman will give him away for nothing to the Rangers.

Ryan Miller will be Gone and Soon!

- After his post game interview on Tuesday night it is clear that Miller will be traded. He stated that a move would probably be in the best interests of both sides. Last year Miller provided a list of eight teams he refused to go to, and I assume that this list is still on the table. Teams rumored to be interested in Miller are St. Louis, Minnesota, Detroit, NY Islanders, and Washington. I still feel that the front-runners are Minnesota and St. Louis. St. Louis would probably be willing to give up more to acquire the services of Miller. I think that this move will happen this weekend. It is time for Miller to move on, and time for Buffalo to get some key pieces for the rebuild. St. Louis is poised for a cup run, and he would be a perfect fit. Especially after the Olympic struggles of Jaroslav Halak.

Vanek Should Have Just Signed the Contract Offer on the Island

- It is pretty clear that Thomas Vanek wants to go play in Minnesota next season. The pending unrestricted free agent played college hockey there. He and his wife have a home there. His wife is from there. It all looks like it would be the best fit. Well maybe for Vanek, but not the Minnesota Wild. Vanek has always been thought of as a talented forward that can score with the best of them. Yes he is talented, but he is inconsistent, and over-rated. Then the Olympics happened for Vanek, and now I can’t help but think many teams will shy away from him. He verbally berated his goalie after a loss to Canada, and then stayed out till the early morning hours partying after a win. If he cannot take playing for his country serious, how will he ever be an effective and consistent team player in the NHL. I don’t think that there will be many takers on deadline day for Vanek. I see him resigning with the New York Islanders.

Kesler asks for a Trade?

- Ryan Kesler has asked for a trade. According to Louis Vein of TVA Sports, Kesler asked Vancouver management to be moved. Kesler has two years left on his current contract, and has a not trade clause. This gives Kesler the power to veto any trade he does not feel comfortable with. Kesler reportedly asked for this trade earlier in the season. Kesler’s agent Kurt Overhardt denied that his client asked for a trade, and described this whole situation as “BS”. This looks like more of a situation where the Canucks GM Mike Gillis has been fielding numerous calls on Kesler, but I question if this actually happened. This is an odd situation. He would be a game changer for many teams. I just do not see the Canucks moving such a key and intricate part of their team.

  • With NHL Trade Deadline just one week away, talk is really heating up. I still do not think that this will be a very active week, but I do think a few key players will be moved. Check back for frequent trade updates, and my top ten potential moves later in the week.

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