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New Blue-shirt is Struggling



The Marty St Louis for Callahan trade will pay off

Veteran has struggled offensively for Broadway Blue-shirts

Fans must be patient with Marty St. Louis as he is still looking to score his first goal as a New York Ranger uniform.

The NHL’s leading scorer since the 2005 lockout demanded a trade out of Tampa Bay due to lack of respect from GM Steve Yzerman in regards to the Canadian Olympic squad.

He was then traded to New York for Captain Ryan Callahan, who was asking for too much money as a UFA July 1st. The Rangers opted for a Captain swap picking up St. Louis to provide an offensive spark to the lineup. Since being dealt on the trade deadline, St Louis has not been able to produce offensively like he had previous to landing in the big apple.

The reigning Art Ross winner has primarily played in a top line role with the Rangers best players only contributing three assists in 12 games. In 62 games with Tampa Bay he was just under a point-per-game contributing 29 goals and 31 assists.

“He’s a pretty intense guy,” said head coach Alain Vigneault. “I think it takes a little bit of an adjustment for his teammates. He’s very emotional, very intense but it’s all done in a professional and a very good way. That’s just the way he is. That’s probably why he’s been one of the best players in this league for a long time.” (As per Andrew Grossman The Record)

The 38 year-old was put into the lineup a few games ago against the Flyers while battling the flu and Vigneault was heavily criticized for the move. However, it was St. Louis’s decision to play as he told Vigneault that he was okay to play.

“I made a mistake," Vigneault said after the 4-3 overtime victory. "I shouldn't have played Step and Marty. I should have taken that out of their hands. I saw them at 4 [p.m.], they didn't look good, but they both said they wanted to play. At the end of the day, I've got to take that out of their hands. They had no energy, and obviously it showed." (As per Pat Leonard News Daily)

“This is the part of year when a lot is going on out there and it’s going to take a lot to miss a game,” said enforcer Derek Dorsett “and sometimes, 80 percent of some guys – like Marty, for example – is all you need out of them.” (As per Pat Leonard Daily News)

The newly acquired forward knew something was wrong when he was playing as he noticed he wasn’t sweating.

“You should be sweating, you try to do everything you can to help the team obviously a crucial time of the year it’s tough to sit at home and not try to help as much as you can,” said St. Louis.

St. Louis wants to be a part of the action but admits that it’s hard to come to a new team and get used to their systems. He has played the better part of 15 seasons in Tampa Bay being the premier player on the club.

“You come into the deadline like that, and some of these guys have chemistry you just try to add something,” said St Louis. “I’m trying to get going myself. The team is playing well and winning games, it’s been fun to be a part of that.”

He has had prior success in Tampa with players such as Steven Stamkos on the power-play. St. Louis just wants to be able to be able to make the man advantage better in New York by providing his passing ability into the mix. He has 369 regular season goals and nearly 1000 points over the course of his career. He also has 96 career power-play goals on his resume.

“I’ve played with a lot of right-handed shooting threats [in Tampa Bay], and that plays into my hands a little bit,” he said. “But I’m trying not to come in here and change anything. I want to add something to my game knowing what’s worked for them [his Ranger teammates]” (As per Pat Leonard Daily News)

Vigneault does not seem too worried about his adjustment on the team despite not being able to be a major factor thus far. He feels that that St. Louis and the rest of the top Ranger players will be the x-factor in winning games down the stretch heading into the playoffs.

“Usually your elite players or top players, they thrive on that opportunity make a difference, and I’m confident that that’s what our guys are going to do,” Vigneault said. (As per Pat Leonard Daily News)

Inside Edge News Hockey

By Michael Fenton


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