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NHL Trade Talk: Bryzgalov Talks Retirement



Bryzgalov Talks Retirement

One of the biggest surprises of the season was the signing of Ilya Bryzgalov in Edmonton, and the subsequent trade of him to the Minnesota Wild. Many people shook their heads in amazement, but Ilya has proven all his critics wrong. He is 7-0-3 since coming to Minnesota, and has been the key to the Wild solidifying a wild card spot.

Bryzgalov will become a UFA this summer, but he is uncertain of what the future brings him. According to TwinCities.com Bryzgalov is up in the air on what his future holds. Bryzgalov commented “I’m not sure if I want to play next year. Maybe yes, maybe no. Who knows?” He went on to explain that he still loves the game of hockey and has enjoyed his time in Minnesota.

I guess no one should be shocked by the comment that he may not play hockey. This comment pretty much sums up how Bryzgalov has been since he left Phoenix. Inconsistent and up in the air.

Will the Leafs Buy out Clarkson?

Just a year after signing David Clarkson to a huge seven-year $36.75 million dollar contract, talk out of Toronto is that they are considering buying out his contract. This may all change now that Brendan Shanahan has been hired as President of Hockey Operations, but it still sounds like a viable way to resolve one of their problems.

Clarkson’s season started with a ten game suspension for leaving the bench to join a fight in the preseason. He never really got going after that. He later was suspended for two games for a hit to the head of St. Louis Blues Vladimir Sobotka. If that was not enough he has only put up 11 points in 60 games. With only five goals and a -14 plus/minus, many in Toronto are calling this signing a total flop. Its time for the Leafs to rid themselves of this huge contract mistake.

Kane Continues to Stir the Pot in Winnipeg!

The future of Evander Kane in Winnipeg continues to be uncertain. Kane was a healthy scratch a week ago in Toronto. It was rumored that Kane attended the Toronto Raptors game the night before, alone, and also was rumored to have some late night escapades in Toronto. None of this has been confirmed, but this will probably be clarified in the near future.

Winnipeg coach would not elaborate at all on these rumours and only stated it was a “Coaches decision” that’s all. He would not even comment to the question, if he was punished for on ice performance or off ice behavior. Kane also declined any comment.

This will be an interesting off-season story. It is evident that the Winnipeg organization, and coach Maurice has grown tired of Kane’s off ice behavior. The fans in Winnipeg have also voiced a great deal of displeasure for Kane. There has been talk that the Philadelphia Flyers are interested in acquiring Kane in the offseason. Maybe this will be the big draft day trade we all look forward too?


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