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It’s Time to Play Like A Champion!



blog-0436053001401473488.jpgThere’s really not much more that can be said about tonight’s Game 6.

The Blackhawks enter a tough building where they won in last year’s WCF, but unfortunately have not done so in this year’s. That changes tonight!

The pressure is on the Kings and if the beloved Blackhawks force a Game 7, lookout!

Coach Q’s Game 5 adjustment of re-mixing his top 4 D, underscores the luxury he has… two top shutdown pairs. The Kings aren’t quite there. So if Q can roll two dangerous lines, as he did in Game 5, this will negate Sutter’s home ice last change advantage. I also expect Q to keep the line of Saad, Shaw and Kaner together. The other forward lines will probably be 1st line of Bicks, Captain, and Big Hoss; 3rd line of Sharpie, Backhandzus and Regin; and finally the 4th line of Bollig, Krugs and Smitty. With that said watch for Krugs and Smitty to be mixed in the upper lines as needed.

So here are my keys for the Mighty Blackhawks to win this game:

1) Crow has to play better. Enough said.

2) “Kneel down to the Saad Father”, Can he play two games in row like he did in Game 5? Really it’s not a question, it is a MUST.

3) Kaner too had a really strong Game 5. The Kings will try to put bodies on Saad to stop him. If they do, guess what… Kaner must be the finisher.

4) Big Hoss and Sharpie need a breakout game from a points standpoint. If the Blackhawks are able to get any point production from these two, there will be a Game 7.

5) The Blackhawks must stay out of the penalty box and if given the opportunity to go on the Power Play, they must score.

Since it is a “Feel Good Friday”, and I have confidence in my veins, I’m predicting another OT special… Blackhawks 3, Kings 2.

Let’s hear your thoughts…

Go Blackhawks

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