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NHL Trade Talk - The Summer is Heating Up!



NHL Trade Talk: June 18, 2014

Avalanche Problems?

The Colorado Avalanche has some very difficult decisions ahead of them this summer. TSN Hockey Insider Darren Dreger thinks that the decisions, and actions concerning Ryan O’Reilly and Paul Stastny will be very troublesome. He thinks that the Ryan O’Reilly situation, and pending team requested arbitration case, will make this a very difficult and messy situation. It is no secret that teams are interested in O’Reilly. This will get messy, and it looks like O’Reilly may be on the move. As for Paul Stastny it looks as though a deal will get done in Colorado. The question is, will Stastny take the hometown discount?

Miller Saga Continues!

Only time will tell where Ryan Miller will be suiting up next season. Odds are it will not be with the St. Louis. There are some very surprising teams rumored to be interested in signing Miller. The San Jose Sharks look like the most likely destination. Pittsburgh is another possible destination, but a little more of a long shot.

Spezza to St. Louis

It looks more and more possible that Ottawa Senators center Jason Spezza will be on the move out of Ottawa. It looks as though St. Louis is the most likely destination. He would be a great fit as center on the second line, and would compliment David Backes. It would give the Blues depth, and help boost them to the level of the Los Angeles Kings and Chicago Blackhawks. It would also take Spezza out of the spotlight, and give him an easier atmosphere to excel. The Ottawa Senators must get adequate compensation for Spezza, and it will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Tons of Dion Phaneuf Talk

Talk out of Toronto is that the Leafs are currently shopping defenseman and team captain Dion Phaneuf. Teams interested in his services are the Edmonton Oilers, Washington Capitals, and Philadelphia Flyers. I am hearing new things daily on this, and quite frankly I don’t see anything happening. Yes, I believe that the Leafs are or may have been shopping Phaneuf, but I cannot see any teams giving up anyone of significant quality to acquire him. Most of all I do not see any team taking on his huge contract. I think this one is just a lot of Toronto talk.

Quick Notes:

- Brain Campbell – Wants out of Florida, and they are willing to move him. He would be a good fit in Detroit.

- Ryan Callahan – It does not look like Callahan will be in Tampa Bay next season. Looks like Buffalo is the front runner for his services.

- Evander Kane – Rumors are flying daily that Kane will be headed out of Winnipeg. I do not think that the Jets will get what they want, or what they deserve for a young talent like Kane. He is having issues in Winnipeg but Jets General Manager Kevin Cheveldayoff will not deal him just for the sake of trading him. I look for Kane to be with the Jets again next season. Then it will come down to how he meshes with coach Paul Maurice. If things do not go well he may be the talk of trade deadline.

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