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NHL’s Top 5 Highlight Generating Players



Once again, I’m doing an NHL’s Top 5 compilation, but this time, it’s about players who can generate goals, hits and/or saves look sensational plus compelling to watch to make lasting memories to viewers. Some of us may know already that the best players don’t do anything to ‘wow’ you, they are just so effective at they do and achieve success by doing so. Every hockey fan knows who Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin are. They are 2 of the best players in the NHL. They have each scored over 100 goals over the past 3 seasons but how many of those goals were highlight goals? Not too many but there are a couple of beautiful goals and insanely creative passes they’ve made but they are just known as some of the best players in the league, not highlight reel machines. We have a special list for those who create highlight reel plays they are listed below.Oh and this list is not ranked in any particular order either. Enjoy the show!

Vladimir Tarasenko – Winger for the St.Louis Blues

St. Louis Blues fans know that this guy has pure offensive talent but what a lot of people don’t know is that he was taught by his father Andrei, a former scoring league champion and Olympian back in Russia. It’s nice that talent runs in the bloodlines but when it counts when playing on the ice, gut instinct takes over and it doesn’t matter what kind of family you come from, you do what you have to do to get it done and he gets it done in style.


Pavel Datsyuk – Center for the Detroit Red Wings

One of the few veterans in the NHL who plays just as excellent defensively as he does offensively. Datsyuk is known as one of the best stick handlers to play in the game. His shot isn’t overly intimidating but what he does with the puck overcompensates for that. What makes Datsyuk an achiever in his rank is the fact that he was drafted in the 7th round of the NHL draft in 1998 and had to battle to get to where he is at today. His mother passed away when he was just 16 years of age and it may have affected his play before he was drafted which is perfectly understandable. Despite the adversity, he still went through the trial and error process in the Detroit Red Wings and after the dreaded lockout in 2004 and 2005, he had a breakthrough campaign scoring 87 points and established himself as a star for the Red Wings.


Bobby Ryan – Left Winger for the Ottawa Senators

Bobby Ryan is the guy known as the person who got drafted behind Sidney Crosby in the 2005 NHL draft. Ryan is a large human being who has a poised combination of speed, size and skill. What Ryan does as well as anybody good is that he scores goals naturally and he has been doing it since he could remember. He did not start in the NHL as soon as expected but shut critics up by having a memorable campaign in 2009 for the Anaheim Ducks by scoring 31 goals and 57 points in 64 games. Since then he has been pretty steady is now enjoying his time in Ottawa, but more than that, he is a complete player. He can hit, pass and backcheck very well but is prone to scoring slumps but that `s it, he really is a true talent.


P.K. Subban – Defenseman for the Montreal Canadiens

What kind of highlight reel list would this be if it was just goals and passes. P.K. Subban as a defenseman, is very fun to watch. He makes everything look sleazy easy plus he makes it look good too. He possesses a ton of confident swagger and he brings it in almost every game especially against the Boston Bruins. He already won a Norris Trophy and he is only 25. Who knows what more he can do. He can shoot, hit, pass and fight…..and hit! Oh and he laid out Brad Marchand pretty good that one time.


Patrick Kane – Winger for Chicago Blackhawks

The kid is cocky but he backs it up nicely. He is clutch as well winning 2 Stanley Cups because he is the guy who cores in overtime. He has 5 playoff overtime goals and he is only 26. He can possibly break Joe Sakics record of playoff overtime goals with 8 before Kanes career is done. Kane is much like Datsyuk in the way he handles the puck plus he also has a laser of a wrist shot and he can see the ice very well. Kane is also like Subban in the way he possesses confident swagger but at times will disappear at certain points of the game. He is especially good in the shootout and the videos shown below will tell you why.

*To view this article with more highlight reels, you can visit my page with the link listed below.

NHL’s Top 5 Highlight Generating Players - Oilfield Hockey Blog

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