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Tyler Myers, Blue Jackets Trading?, 2013 Winter Classic & Weber Back!



Tyler Myers To Return By Friday?

The Buffalo Sabers D-man Tyler Myers has been out since suffering a broken wrist Nov. 19, he said today he is fully healed and is hopeful of returning Friday when the Sabres visit Carolina. Today at the First Niagara Center Myers said to the press that he hopes he is ready to go by friday.

He also said that he has no physcial pain on his writst when he does a fast moving motion (like taking a slap shot) but he would like to take it easy when playing his first few weeks back.

Blue Jacket Trade Rumors Heat Up

Jackets GM Scott Howson has mentioned that he is going to make his last-placed club and make it a top 10 team. He has also mentioned that his team will be shaken up in the up comming weeks leading to the Febuary, 27 trade dealine.

Now the Columbus Dispatch has mentioned that the Blue Jackets' players are feeling some sort of effects that moves are comming up and they are worried who might be the next out. Some big names that have been mentioned to be traded are Rick Nash and Jeff Carter. Rumors around the web are indicating that Jeff Carter to the Toronto Maple Leafs but there is no response on who the Leafs will give back.

Don't expect Center man Derick Brassard to be shiped off, he has been a target of many trade talks all season long but he has been pretty calm right now for the past few weeks and seems he has found his spot on the 4th line. I'm thinking that the Leafs and Jackets will have a trade in deal but on the Leafs end it has been quiet. GM Brian Burke has not said anything about a trade with the Jackets but yet again Burke is very unpredictable

Shea Weber Back On The Ice

The Nashville Predators start defenseman Shea Weber practiced without contact on Tuesday for the first time since suffering the injury on December 23 2011 againts the Dallas Stars, Says ESPN.

The 26 year-old had skated with his teammates in a public practice in Franklin, but Nashville coach Barry Trotz maintains that there is still not a realistic time line for when the Predators Captian will return.

Weber had played 35 games this season scoring 8 goals and racking up 21 assists for a total of 29 points. The Preds will start talking contract neogations with Weber in the up coming weeks as he is secheduled to become a RFA in July. Nashville's GM David Poile has mentioned more thn once that he realy wants to sign Weber to a long-term extension and his value will increase significantly.

Detroit To Host The 2013 Winter Classic

It has yet not been confirmed but it will be within the next few days to the next week. But the Detroit Red Wings will be hosting the 2013 Winter Classic, and the Toronto Maple Leafs will be visiting and or the Avalanche and maybe even the Sharks. Since the Rangers and Flyers Winter Classic had such low ratings the NHL wants to mix it up and put some "Random'' teams in. But the Leafs and Wings have a fun history together so if they where to play it be very good. And another rumor is that the Blues might have a part in that Winter Classic also, since the Blues been having a lot of issues having them play in the Winter Classic would be great for there franchise. There will also be a HBO 24/7 Road To The Winter Classic special.


Recommended Comments

I think the WC got such low ratings because it was on 1/2/12 (a Monday that many people had to work) and it took place smack in the middle of College Bowl day.

I know they could not do the 1st due to competition with NFL, but maybe Saturday 12/31 would have been a better option.

I highly doubt Colorado or San Jose will drawl better ratings or Toronto will pull better ratings in the US market.

I think this was the best WC I have witnessed so far and not because the Flyers were in it, but because the weekend event that they made out of it. The venue and the rivalry. HBO also has done a great job promoting the sport. I have friends that live in West Virginia and North Dakota that were chirping about it due to HBO.

I think the best thing to do moving forward is merge the Winter and the Heritage Classic. Include Canadian teams and see how the event goes when they are playing an outdoor game in Winnipeg in January.

All in all, this is a great venue to promote the sport despite the ratings. Again, in my meaningless opinion, if it were on Saturday I think the ratings would have been better.

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I would expect the Leafs to pull the trigger on getting Carter, he has a cap friendly contract and is a legit #1 center for Kessel and Lupul

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What a horrible line that would be. Obviously the word is out that Carter isn't a passer. Him, BongBoy and Kessel would be fighting to see who has the most shots in the league (Kessel is #4, Lupul is #6 and Carter is usually in the top 5 without injury)

I'd still like to see one of Nash, Iginla or Ryan on Giroux's other side in replacement of Harnell. Having someone that has hands and can finish might push that line to super star status. Yes, I understand the salary cap. Yes I understand that something of value has to go the other way. Yes I understand the NMC.

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Thank you guys for your comments, I've only wrote 4 entry's and I have no hate mail. If I where back over at hockeybuzz I'd be bashed for my writing. Thanks for being friendly. I'll have 5-6 more entry's up today :)

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I hope columbus fleeces the hell out of toronto for carter. Carter fits what toronto needs another soft center who misses the net high and wide on 80% of his shots

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