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Who is the #1 Pick?




Who is the #1 Pick?


It is fantasy hockey draft time, and each and every year fantasy hockey fans cannot wait to see who are the top five picks. In years past it was an argument if Alexander Ovechkin would go ahead of Sidney Crosby or vice versa. Well to no surprise this season is much of the same, with a few top 5 twists.


Many fantasy hockey leagues have drafted, or will be this weekend. Every owner has his or her own ideas and thoughts, but I don’t care how great you think you are. It is always very interesting to see who is picking who each year. Here is a brief rundown of the average draft positions for the top five players this year.


Yahoo Fantasy Hockey

1- Alexander Ovechkin

2- Sidney Crosby

3- Steven Stamkos

4- John Tavares

5- Tyler Seguin

CBS Fantasy Hockey

1- Alexander Ovechkin

2- Sidney Crosby

3- Patrick Kane

4- John Tavares

5- Steven Stamkos

Fantasy Pros

1- Sidney Crosby

2- Alexander Ovechkin

3- Steven Stamkos

4- John Tavares

5- Patrick Kane


1- Alexander Ovechkin

2- John Tavares

3- Sidney Crosby

4- Jamie Benn

5- Tyler Seguin


Most of the top 5 remained the same throughout the leaders in fantasy hockey website services. Patrick Kane’s average draft position fluctuated drastically from site to site. Seguin and Benn also showed variation.


As for the rookies that are getting all the press Connor McDavid averaged 34.1 and Jack Eichel averaged 123.9 in the Yahoo Fantasy Hockey draft rankings. Actually thought that the hype would raise these draft spots slightly.


As for the results of the fantasy hockey league that I participate in through Hockey Forum.net. Alexander Ovechkin was the first player selected with Sidney Crosby (no surprise) selected second. Rock solid John Tavares was selected third. The big surprise happened fourth when Joe Pavaleski was selected. Not sure the reasoning on this one, but who am I to judge. The fifth pick was goaltender Carey Price. Maybe a little high for a goalie, but I cannot begin to argue the numbers he put up last season. Two other surprises were Steven Stamkos falling to 10th and Tyler Seguin falling to 12th. Rookie sensation Connor McDavid was selected 55th and Jack Eichel was selected 133rd. To satisfy your curiosity I selected Evgeni Malkin 11th overall. I hope this late pick pans out.


Fantasy hockey makes watching hockey even more fun. Enjoy your fantasy leagues this year, and I wish you all the best. Check back weekly for more fantasy hockey insight and thoughts throughout the season. Good Luck!



* Photo by Getty Images


Recommended Comments

Claude Giroux was the 7th pick in the All Star League and #1 in the Bantam League taken my a non Flyer fan.  Reasons for moving up on the charts include points, pp points, and Face off Wins. 


Looking forward to another year of Fantasy Hockey! Thanks for the Blog.

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